Bryan Jimenez’s Journey To Educating The World Of Renewable Energy With Alpha Energy

Bryan Jimenez's Journey To Educating The World Of Renewable Energy With Alpha Energy
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Mexican-American Bryan Jimenez, CEO of Alpha Energy, had to make the most of his breaks. Here, we chronicle his life growing up in Mexico and his rise to fame in the world of renewable energy.

By: Maria Williams

“I found out about renewable energy when studying an Electrical Systems Technology degree,” explains 27-year-old Bryan Jimenez, CEO of Alpha Energy. “It’s one of those aspects that sparks curiosity and leaves a person wanting more.”

Jimenez was working towards his bachelor’s at the time with the goal of obtaining an electrical license but ultimately decided to switch industries because of the drawbacks that came with his electrical apprenticeship. “I was working at an industrial construction company in Charlotte because I needed 2,000 hours of work experience, but the long hours, commute, and weather were all factors that turned my head.” 

A foray into the world of alarm systems quenched his thirst for sales, something he always “had a mentality for.” 

The multi-lingual upstart was driven by a passion for wanting to give his clients more bang for their buck and a greater overall experience. “As the installer, I started upselling systems and finding ways to create better value for the customer and the company. Ultimately, it was that desire to sell that helped me pivot into my next career path.”

Covid changed the game for Jimenez; getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, he spent two weeks non-stop applying for his next port of call, with the clear goal to start making some big money. Reverting to his desire to know the inner workings of renewable energy, he joined up with ION Solar out of Utah, following in the footsteps of David Vega—Chief Development Officer—and cutting his teeth in the world of solar energy. Attacking the D2D space with a proactive mindset, Jimenez made the most of his time in Utah at a time when COVID-19 was running rampant throughout the globe. 

“Everybody was home, so I was able to become the top setter in a short period,” he says. “I was there for three months but learned a lot during that time.”

Home for Jimenez was very much entrenched in the U.S. by this time. Born in North Carolina, he spent the first five years of his life in the U.S. before moving to Mexico City at the age of 12. 

“After moving in with my aunt and uncle {in the U.S.}, I never quite found a place that felt like home. I wasn’t your typical kid and faced my fair share of challenges, including financial struggles. Despite the odds, I persevered. Following high school, I took a path less traveled and enlisted in the military – a journey that shaped me in ways words can’t fully capture.”

Faced with the daunting prospect of exorbitant international fees for pursuing my dream of an Industrial Management bachelor’s degree at a U.S. college, Jimenez made a pivotal decision. 

Joining the Army National Guard in Fort Lauderdale became his ticket – a boot camp followed by a stint at Sheppard Air Force Base. This journey was more than just a commitment to his country; it was a strategic move to secure the education he aspired to. “I was living with a sense of urgency and purpose,” he stresses. “I was determined to achieve success, whatever it took.” 

The military not only provided a foundation for discipline but also sparked his enthusiasm. Despite the detours in his academic pursuits, the experiences gained became the building blocks for a resilient and purposeful journey. 

But, while Jimenez’s urgency to achieve success pushed him to greater heights, how he could serve others was at the forefront of his mind. “I was thinking of the fastest way to retire my mom and provide opportunities to my siblings.” This selfless mentality ultimately transferred over to his methodology within the solar industry where he intends to provide greater value for those who transition over to solar. 

The mission of Jimenez’s newly-founded company, Alpha Energy, is to redefine the way of life by reinventing the dependence of non-renewable resources on solar, thus absolving people of the ecological and economic insecurities they—as a nation, face. “Not knowing that you’re going to have to pay bills allows you to focus on your health, spirituality, and your growth,” he points out. “I’m grateful I got that opportunity to give others peace of mind.” 

Jimenez also cites gratitude as the catalyst for his drive to realize the American Dream, taking actionable steps to manifest his vision at the tender age of 27. “I knew what I wanted, so whenever I came into the opportunity, I really valued it,” he says. “I was grateful to it because it gave me that opportunity to see more, breathe and live more, as well as create a lifestyle out of it.”

To redefine your way of life, visit the Alpha Energy website and follow Bryan Jimenez’s journey across the company’s socials.


Published by: Khy Talara

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