Britton Briley Making the Most of Marketing for Brands through Ghost Marketing

Advertising and marketing are the lifeblood of any business, regardless of size. Therefore, brands and companies continue to invest massively in projecting their brand image and getting their messages across to the general public and potential clients every break of a business day. However, very few companies have a well-thought-out marketing strategy, and even fewer of these strategies work or get the desired results. Britton Briley knows this well. Being unable to rank higher than average is a problem that can be fixed through a proper marketing strategy; thus, over the years, he has dedicated his expertise to helping brands attain more visibility and improved sales.

Britton Briley is the owner and founder of Ghost Marketing, a revolutionary marketing agency that has been turning heads thanks to its result-oriented marketing strategies. Since its inception in early 2020, Ghost Marketing has taken over the Southeast with its creative thinking, strategic plans, and implementations that have caused massive growth. In a little over a year since the agency’s inception, they have established themselves as the marketing choice for ambitious brands and businesses who want to increase their visibility. Ghost Marketing’s roster currently includes Spire Sports, The Greenville Swamp Rabbits, Tipsy Taco, HipBurger, The Larkins Group, Big Air, and about 22 other brands across the United States.

Before deciding to establish Ghost Marketing, Britton had several years of experience working in sales, advertising, and marketing departments for several regional and national conglomerates while successfully contributing his quota to the conversion, profitability, and viability of these companies while he was on their employee roster. 

As a professional with a knack for results and putting clients and companies on the map, Britton has been recognized for his efforts and contributions to marketing in numerous ways. For instance, he was the youngest Regional Marketing Director in GNC history when he took up the role in 2012. He also became the youngest Chief Marketing Officer in 2016 with UFC Gym. In 2017, he was a speaker at Omni Channel Digital Summit.

Britton acknowledges that the system is broken, and the need for a more technologically advanced way of doing things pushed him towards sales and marketing. “Throwing money at the problem won’t solve the underlying issue of your marketing/branding,” he observed. Thus the need to assemble a team of like-minded individuals who are as dedicated to the core delivery of marketing value. “Ghost Marketing is here to represent your brand behind the scenes with integrity, honesty, and reliability,” he concludes.

Instead of brands hiring professionals to handle aspects of their business such as SEO, web development, graphic design, among others, Ghost Marketing is an all-encompassing agency that provides all these and an array of services that is beneficial to businesses.

Britton is already an authority figure in the Southeast along with being an author of the book Entrepreneurshit – Understanding the Journey of Entrepreneurship which is due to hit shelves and Amazon in late December 2021. Five years from now, he hopes to have multiple volumes of Entrepreneurshit, make Ghost Marketing a national brand and to break into the European market by 2030.

Learn more about Britton Briley and his work through Ghost Marketing via his website.


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