Breaking into the world of finance – A look into Andre Henry’s Career at JP Morgan and beyond

Andre Henry
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It is no surprise that in the world of finance, JP Morgan stands out as a significant player, and many young finance professionals aspire to work there. Andre Henry, the now CEO of DreamAgain, was among those young professionals to launch his career at JP Morgan. From his early days as a trade analyst at JP Morgan to his current role as a project control analyst at Exelon, Henry has always been interested in finance with a desire to make his own room in the competitive world of finance. Between 2016 to 2019, Henry worked as a trade analyst at JP Morgan, where he analyzed market trends and helped traders make informed decisions. During his tenure, he also served as a brand ambassador for Rise and Grind, a program led by Daymond John, best known for his role on the television show Shark Tank. As a brand ambassador, Henry worked on the marketing of the brand and helped small business owners achieve their dreams.

Henry’s time at JP Morgan was marked by hard work and dedication, swiftly proving himself a valuable asset to the company. His work as a brand ambassador for Rise and Grind was a great success, showing his versatility as a finance professional. His experience as a trade analyst and brand ambassador taught him many valuable lessons he has been carrying throughout his career. 

These experiences have helped him in his current role as a project control analyst at Exelon, where he is responsible for overseeing project budgets and ensuring their timely completion. His experience as a trade analyst at JP Morgan likely provided him with a solid foundation for analyzing and managing financial data. 

The journey of healing and growth

The journey to success always comes with its own set of hardships, and Henry’s journey to success was no different. At the age of eight, he lost his mother in a tragic accident, and as a result, he had to live his life on his own. This loss led him down a difficult path of anger and isolation, but through reflection and self-discovery, he found peace and purpose. His first book, From Orphan to Self-Made Millionaire, is a testament to his journey of healing and growth. In his book, he shared his pain points, his struggles with reading as a child, and how he could release pent-up emotions and find clarity in his vision for the future. His success in the financial world has earned him recognition, including a nomination for Forbes’ 30 Under 30 award and a spot in the Marquis Who’s Who Biographical Registry. He is known for his financial savvy and offers tips to investors, such as having multiple streams of income and being open to moving funds around when necessary.

Exploring the Potential of Comic Books in Promoting Diversity and Social Change

Comic books can be an excellent medium for storytelling and can help inspire change and create awareness about important issues. Henry’s comic book series, Dream Again, The Legacy is compelling as it features a diverse cast of characters and touches on various topics relevant to the community. Having a diverse cast of characters helps the readers feel represented and included. It also helps challenge stereotypes and promote understanding and acceptance of different cultures and backgrounds. The fact that the characters come together as a team to have essential conversations and solve problems is also an excellent way to promote positive social change and encourage readers to take action in their own communities. Henry uses his talents to create positive change and give back to the community. He has helped numerous people set up college savings accounts and provided financial advice and mentorship. He stresses the importance of having multiple income streams, doing due diligence, and being open to moving funds around and cutting losses when necessary.

In a word, Andre Henry’s success and prominence in financial management have earned him recognition and admiration from people around the world. He was listed in the prestigious Marquis Who’s Who Biographical Registry for his contributions to the field. As an accomplished entrepreneur, financial expert, and author, Andre Lamar Henry continues to inspire and encourage people to pursue their dreams, overcome adversity, and achieve their goals.


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