Brandon Chastang’s Inspiring Journey Out of Drug Addiction Paves the Way for Other Addicts to Get Help

There is no easy and graceful way to get rid of addiction, and motivational speaker, activist, director, and actor Brandon Chastang, also known as B McFly, knows this harsh reality all too well. So after hurdling the biggest fight of his life against addiction, he transformed himself into a person of positive influence and is reaching out to millions of viewers worldwide to let people know they can get the help they need to be liberated from their present predicament. 

For 14 excruciating and dark years, Brandon was addicted to Percocets and Xanax. Towards the end of that 14-year ordeal, he started feeling the urge of wanting to die. He found himself pleading with God to let him overdose, but fortunately for him, God had other plans. That time in his life became a turning point that jump-started a new season that was about to unfold as he humbled himself and admitted he needed help. 

“With the help of my girlfriend and kids’ mother Aocean Clarke, I decided to get help. On January 21, 2018, I owned my addiction by admitting myself into a place called Armes Acres, a drug and alcohol rehab facility,” the motivational speaker shared. “The first two weeks were hard for me because I really wanted to leave. Once I heard about the mountain lions and coyotes, I said I was staying. During my last two weeks, I made a decision to help others with drug addiction and mental health issues with I go home. I will also be the top motivator in the world and create skits on social media to spread awareness,” he added. 

Today, Brandon has so much to look forward to after being granted a second chance to find meaning in his life. He realized his life’s purpose sooner than he expected; that is, to be instrumental in helping other drug addicts become free from their addictions. The next couple of years will prove to be very exciting for Brandon as he focuses on spreading awareness across the globe by speaking on addiction, mental health, gun violence, education, and the importance of eating healthy. Sharing his story would mean shedding light on so many struggles that people with addiction go through each day. His life story is a message of hope for those who feel they have none. 

“Your past doesn’t define who you are today. Don’t be ashamed of your story. Be ashamed if there’s no ending to your story. Learn from your life, the ups and downs, the lefts and rights. Actions speak louder than words, but character speaks louder than actions,” Brandon revealed. 

Brandon is doing a remarkable job empowering young people to make something out of their lives. He owns the only Black-owned dental academy known as COYS Dental Academy, which trains students to become dental assistants in two weeks. His other commitments include doing community outreach in Philadelphia and Queens, New York, with a company known as Life Camp Inc.

Just as Brandon turned his life around with a lot of help from his loved ones and support groups, he believes that everyone else struggling with addiction has an opportunity to create a better life. By extending compassion to those who need help the most, he is confident that more people will be liberated from their addictions.

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