+Body by Julia Haart: Celebrating Confidence and Comfort

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In the world of fashion, where style often takes precedence over substance, Julia Haart is a name that stands out. Known for her candid persona on the Netflix series “My Unorthodox Life,” Haart’s journey from Orthodox Judaism to becoming a trailblazing figure in the fashion industry is nothing short of inspiring. c

Julia Haart: A Creative Visionary

Julia Haart’s journey in the fashion industry began long before her reality TV stardom. In 2013, she launched her luxury footwear brand, “Julia Haart Inc.,” which quickly gained recognition for its unique designs and comfort. Her talent didn’t go unnoticed, as she became the creative director of the upscale lingerie brand La Perla in 2016. Haart’s ability to marry fashion and comfort has always been her forte, and she wasn’t willing to compromise on that.

Haart’s dedication to pushing boundaries and redefining fashion standards has been the driving force behind her career. In 2020, she launched “e1972,” a “sizeless” made-to-measure luxury clothing line that challenged conventional sizing norms. Her resilience and commitment to creating comfortable yet stylish fashion pieces have been the pillars of her success.

+Body by Julia Haart: Celebrating Confidence and Comfort
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From Comfortable Heels to Comfortable Shapewear

Julia Haart’s foray into shapewear came from a place of genuine inspiration. Drawing from her own journey of self-expression and freedom, she envisioned shapewear that would embrace women’s bodies in all their diversity. With +Body by Julia Haart, she set out to create a line of shapewear that celebrated every woman’s unique shape, size, and age.

What sets +Body apart is its commitment to combining style with comfort. The shapewear is designed to be seen, with colors and patterns that are meant to be flaunted rather than concealed. Whether it’s a dress that looks like lingerie or a bodysuit that doubles as outerwear, +Body aims to fuse fashion and flawless curves seamlessly.

The standout feature of +Body is its inclusive sizing chart, available in dress sizes from XS to 3XL and cup sizes from A to F. Haart’s mission is clear: “I’m trying to eradicate this thought that comfort and luxury don’t match. Suffering for beauty is not something I believe in.”

Empowering Women with Confidence

At its core, +Body is a brand that empowers women to feel confident and proud of their bodies. The shapewear is made from high-quality, stretch fabric that maintains its shape and comfort even after extended wear. Technological innovations, such as the elimination of back-center seams and molding to individual figures, ensure that each piece fits perfectly.

What’s more, +Body offers a unique plus: padded bra cups, expert construction, and deep-V underwire that can increase cup size by up to two sizes. This added benefit is a testament to Julia Haart’s commitment to making women feel comfortable and confident.

The Vision: Redefining Shapewear

+Body isn’t just shapewear; it’s a revolution in the world of intimate apparel. It amplifies a woman’s confidence and encourages her to express herself without apology. The brand fuses beauty and utility, transforming shapewear into coveted pieces that women are proud to wear.

Haart’s dedication to feminism is evident in every aspect of her work. She has met with influential figures like Nancy Pelosi and Gloria Steinem, advocating for women’s rights and equality. Her belief that “fundamentalism is fundamentalism, no matter what the religion is” underscores her commitment to universal empowerment.

Julia Haart’s +Body is more than just a shapewear brand; it’s a celebration of confidence, comfort, and individuality. Haart’s journey from a self-taught teenage seamstress to a pioneering force in the fashion industry is a testament to her unwavering commitment to her vision. With +Body, she invites women to embrace their bodies, feel proud of their curves, and confidently express themselves. In a world where fashion often dictates rigid standards, +Body by Julia Haart is a breath of fresh air, offering women the freedom to be themselves, beautifully and comfortably.


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