BET Group Global Pty Ltd Receives the 2023 Global Recognition Award™

BET Group Global Pty Ltd Receives the 2023 Global Recognition Award™
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New York, New York – October 2023 Paving the path of transformation and extraordinary achievement, BET Group Global Pty Ltd under the dynamic leadership of Emily Korir, has been bestowed with the prominent 2023 Global Recognition Award™ for their groundbreaking initiative and constant endeavour to make an impact in the lives of the people with disability. This respected award is a testament to their relentless innovation, research-based practices, and devotion to their mission.

BET Group Global Pty Ltd don’t just construct houses, rather they create safe and accessible environments to transform the lives of those dealing with disabilities. In Australia, where accessibility standards in housing are at a bare minimum, BET Group Global Pty Ltd is truly filling a gap for 4.4 million people with disabilities, earning them the esteemed 2023 Global Recognition Award™.

Bold Actions Earn Recognition

Rising to the challenge, BET Group Global Pty Ltd, under the leadership of Emily Korir, identified the growing demand for unique and practical housing solutions, earning them the Telstra Best of Business Award 2023 (Building Communities) and recognition as the Most Inclusive Employer 2022. By delivering stylistic and unique accommodations paired with round-the-clock support, the company’s vision emphasizes the belief of facilitating a future where ‘opportunity’ is not a privilege, but a basic right – accessible to all, regardless of disabilities.

Continuously Achieving and Innovating

Displaying an impressive annual revenue growth of 30%, the company has secured consumer trust and significant market value, serving 150 satisfied clients and rapidly establishing themselves as leaders. With Emily Korir winning the Most Outstanding CEO in Australia 2023 and the Entrepreneur of the year 2022, it’s evident that the commitment to excellence runs deep within the company. All these factors led to their deserving win of the 2023 Global Recognition Award™.

According to Emily Korir, “Our goal has always been to make meaningful contributions to society. I am honoured that our efforts have been recognized on such a global scale. This award further validates our initiative and inspires us to push boundaries even further.”

Wrap Up

Alex Sinclair from Global Recognition Awards™ comments, “We are proud to award BET Group Global Pty Ltd and Emily for their innovations. In a sector where it’s common to make claims about social responsibility, they walk the talk by delivering practical solutions and measurable results. This nod is a testament to their mission’s strength, their team’s first-rate performance, and their definite drive for delivering tangible change.”

BET Group Global Pty Ltd’s receipt of the 2023 Global Recognition Award™ stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities. In an Australian housing landscape where accessibility standards often fall short, BET Group Global Pty Ltd goes above and beyond, creating safe and accessible environments for the 4.4 million people living with disabilities.

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