Bessie Lee-Cappell Invents Unique Baby Products to Help Solve Parents’ Frustrations

Bessie Lee-Cappell is elevating baby products into carefully designed, thoughtfully developed tools to promote child well-being. She is raising awareness on safety and health features that every parent should look for: FDA-approved, BPA-free, and overall cleaner solutions for babies’ oral health.

Since her youth, Bessie Lee-Cappell has been told that she’s special. The label remained a mystery to Bessie until she decided to make it her own. As one of seven siblings, she was the first to graduate high school, earn a college degree, complete post-graduate education, and receive a professional license. Bessie has a license in social work from Temple University. She currently works full-time for the Department of Human Services for Philadelphia, her native city.

Despite her distinguished academic and professional background, Bessie considers her role as a mother of three children as her greatest accomplishment. Much to her dismay, Bessie Lee-Cappell realized that the existing baby products on the market did not meet her children’s needs. The passionate mother channeled her frustration into creativity and designed her own baby products.

Creating her first baby product, the Brush Bib, helped Bessie recognize what makes her special. She has the unique ability to use her difficult circumstances as a drive to beat the odds consistently. Her desire to provide for her children and the absence of quality baby products in the market inspired her to take matters into her own hands once again. Bessie Lee-Cappell became the founder and owner of her companies but also the inventor of all her products.

Baby Bottle Brush Bib Company solidifies Bessie Lee-Cappell’s position as a game-changer in the baby product industry. Her designs feature neutral colors to appeal to both moms and dads. Inventing with her children in mind, Bessie designs her products to be durable, easy to use and clean, and compact for easy storage.

The Brush Bib, the product that started it all, is Bessie’s solution to the dreaded “splashback.” It is a protective silicone barrier that goes around the Bottle Brushes. Bessie Lee-Cappell also invented the Pacific Teether Clip, which grows with babies to toddlerhood on four levels. It is made of 100% silicone to reduce bacteria and thrush. The company’s Elephant Suspender Clips ushers in a welcome end to unsightly, chipped, and bite-marked teething accessories. Revealing Bessie’s attention to detail, these products are FDA-approved, BPA-free, and eco-friendly.

“The goal of my products is to make parenting easier,” says Bessie Lee-Cappell. She adds, “I would like to bring awareness to the safety and health features that they should look for when purchasing baby products.” The special quality that others recognized in Bessie, which used to elude her, now extends to an entire line of unique baby products. Baby Bottle Brush Bib Company is transforming the industry, helping parents fulfill their noble responsibility in the process.

Bessie Lee-Cappell is on a mission to assist other frustrated parents and partner with like-minded entrepreneurs. She knows that growing her company into the global leader in baby products will require working with others who are similarly driven to beat the odds.For more information, you may visit Bessie’s website or her company’s website.


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