Benjamin Geller Taking Community Service to Another Level through Politics

Benjamin Geller has served people and communities for most of his life, and now he has decided to take it a notch higher and do more by running for a seat in the Dutchess County Legislature in New York in the 4th district. Benjamin Geller is an Emergency Medical Tech for an advanced life support agency. He is also involved in clinical work in West Africa, and he assists the vaccine site operations in Dutchess County. He’s pursuing the legislator seat to serve the people and provide them with accessible, transparent, and approachable communication between elected officials and the public.

With a campaign slogan titled “The People’s Voice,” Ben Geller aims to serve the community better, bring the people together and take care of their most pressing problems. “This country is divided and suffering greatly. We should bring an end to divisions along party and political lines. There’s a bigger picture, and that’s the fact that we are all Americans. The time has come to rebuild our country, and I intend to play my role as a legislator representing Dutchess County in New York,” he said. Geller’s passion for the people in his community is his biggest motivation, and he firmly believes that is the starting point for anyone who wants to change things.

Ben Geller says he’s embarking on a revolution of waking up America and championing conversations that bring healing to the country. His goal is to connect with New Yorkers and convince them of the importance of electing an official who is passionate about unity and progress. He strongly believes that his unique attribute as a person and politician is that he’s not a career politician. He calls himself a public servant and hopes to continue serving the people even better in an elected position. “My daily commitment is to make my community better, and we shall keep doing that one day at a time,” he said.

His public service background and humanitarian work are his most significant credentials, and he seeks the opportunity to continue on a much bigger scale. His five-year goal is to continue serving the people and take a shot at congress. “At the end of the day, whatever happens, wherever I am, serving the public will always be on top of my list. The people of New York are important to me, and it will always be an honor for me to serve them in the little capacity that I can,” he said. Benjamin Geller has spent years shedding light on the level of division in America. He has consistently advocated for people to show extra love to the next person regardless of their superficial differences. “We are all Americans first before anything else. I see no reason why politics, party affiliations, and other things should be dividing us. All of that should change, and it starts with having the right people at the helm of affairs.” Benjamin noted.

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