Award-Winning Hotelier Sunil “Sunny” Tolani Building an Empire of Positive Change

The massive machine that is the hospitality and tourism industry has, for years, worked hard to give people luxurious experiences. Hotels, resorts, and other amenities work hard to give people a “home away from home” every single day. But none take that mission as seriously as the likes of Sunil Tolani. Accordingly, the tycoon hotelier stands at the forefront of the hospitality industry, making waves and pushing boundaries with sheer success.

Sunil “Sunny” Tolani runs the world-renowned Prince Organization as the CEO. It is a company that boasts multiple hospitality and tourism investments, making it a massive empire in the hospitality industry. It consists of multiple brands of blue chip hotel brands that have amassed multiple awards, thanks to Sunil Tolani’s remarkable leadership.

The hotel magnate is known for his socially responsible approach to business. A leading social entrepreneur with a heart to serve the unfortunate, he uses his empire to pay it forward to the needy. “My passion is elevating humanity through hospitality,” says Sunil Tolani. “It is my mission to elevate the consciousness of hoteliers, creating livelihood for thousands of people and helping local communities,” he adds.

As such, Prince Organization’s aim is to affect other people’s lives by committing to giving back to the community. The organization is known for its efforts in helping underprivileged individuals and communities conquer the ills of society, such as domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual assault. 

If God punished hypocrisy with lightning bolts, many men would be in smoldering ruins. Domestic violence and sexual harassment are a squishy topic for large corporations and fortune 500 companies, Wall Street, Where aggression is a virtue and making money a necessity. “To fight against domestic violence is one of the key tenets of our identity and Corporate Social Responsibility through a wide variety of impactful activities. We hope our team members around the nation feel equipped to take a stand against abuse and assault every week of the year.” Wrote CEO Sunny Tolani. “This is our Soul, and we have a conscience.” Mr. Tolani asked the four M’s: What would your mother, your mentor, the media and -if you’re inclined – your maker think? The organization has embraced the principles and teachings as told in the holy books and Bhagavad Gita in ethical decision making, that is, it right? Good and fitting? “This is my obsession with fulfilling this sense of personal destiny.” Said CEO Tolani crediting his parents for being his inspiration adding, “My mother taught me to love and be kind, my father taught me to stand tall, fight for what is right and truth and respecting women. I believe in honoring God by doing good Karma every single day as I feel God’s embrace. This is better than going to Temples or Gurudwara.” 

Sunil Tolani’s focus on creating conscientious practices has empowered and educated others, creating individual, corporate, and even industry-wide development. Tolani personally makes sure that his staff will reach their full potential through constant improvement and personal development. He truly seeks the holistic betterment of any person who works in his organization, believing that individual development is key to organizational growth.

The renowned organization has garnered multiple accolades from award-giving bodies due to its fantastic work in the hospitality industry. Sunil Tolani received the Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for Prince Organization’s philanthropic efforts. He also received the Orange County Business Excellence Award for Entrepreneurship and was included in The OC’s 100 Most Influential Game Changers. 

In 2012, Sunil Tolani also became a Philanthropy and Outstanding Humanitarian Awardee. While in 2015, he earned the Largest Minority-Owned Business in Orange County Award and America’s Most Honored Business Man. Born of Indian descent, he also gained recognition from the Indian community like the Indian Community of Southern California Businessman of the Year award, South Asian Entrepreneur of the Year 2012, Hind Rattan Award (Jewel of India) 2017, Bharat Gaurav (India Pride) 2017, Father of the Community (Community Pride) 2017, AAHOA Humanitarian Honor (2018), Nelson Mandela Leadership Award (2018), and many others.

Despite all the awards and recognition, Sunil Tolani keeps his humility in check by seeking to use his influence to better the lives of other people and not just his own. As a visionary leader, Sunil foresees more success for Prince Organization as he has a lot of brewing ideas to help various players in the hospitality industry and beyond.

Sunil Tolani continues to inspire multitudes while attaining more success in the hotel industry and helping others through his achievements. Much like how he has built his empire from the ground up, he hopes to also succeed in bettering the communities around him. So far, he’s succeeded tremendously at both.

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