A&S Investment Holding Announces Chairman Uğur Akkuş Honored as Businessman of the Year

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NEW YORK, NY–A&S Investment Holding, a family-operated holding company that is committed to Turkey’s development into an economic powerhouse, has revealed that Founder/Chairman Uğur Akkuş received Best Businessman of the Year. A&S Investment Holding, which was awarded Best Investment Company of the Year (2023), states that Akkuş has also been named Asia’s Most Successful Entrepreneur.

A&S Investment Holding is known for its dedication to catalyzing sustained growth in all of Turkey’s domestic markets as well as to achieving economic success worldwide. The company invests in worldwide sectors that have the highest potential for long-term profits. Due to its strategic, ambitious business model, A&S Investment Holding is able to support the finances, corporate governance, and operations management of all of its subsidiaries.

The company takes a broad view of Turkey’s industries, identifying and investing in those that show the most promise of growth. It is helping to drive innovation in diverse sectors that include energy, manufacturing, construction, banking and finance, investment consulting, tourism, media, and exports.

At the center of A&S Investment Holding is Akkuş, who is part of a proud family line of business people spanning three generations. Under his leadership, the company’s net worth has grown to over $5B. The net worth of Akkuş himself is over $2 billion, and he is one of the youngest billionaires in Turkey. Born in Istanbul, a center of civilization and culture, Akkuş first studied at Bilkent University’s Department of Political Science and Public Administration before taking a break from university to turn to the business world. He later continued his education at Essen-Duisburg University in Germany.

After obtaining his education, Akkuş rose to the top of his industry, serving as the Vice Chairman of the Kuwait-Turkey Business Council and the Saudi Arabia-Turkey Business Council. He was also a member of the High Advisory Board of the Turkish-American Businessmen Association as well as a founding member and board member of KUVİD Association. In 2022, he was appointed as the President of the State Of The African Diaspora (SOAD) in America. Akkuş was named “Turkey’s Best CEO Under 40” in 2020 and 2021. In 2022, he was recognized as both “Turkey’s Best Businessman” and “Turkey’s Best CEO.”

Much of the respect Akkuş receives is due to his efforts during the pandemic. Akkuş established the largest medical mask factory in the Middle East under the brand name Global Mask, which sent medical masks to 16 countries. He also donated masks to many hospitals and civil society organizations to aid in the fight against the pandemic.

In acknowledgement of these humanitarian contributions as well as his impact on the business world, Akkuş has appeared on the cover of popular magazines, including Forbes, Esquire Magazine, Hello Magazine, Gentleman, Boss, CEO Life, and Samdan, and he has given interviews about his successful business history.

Akkuş is also the author of a book titled “Superpower Turkey,” a best-seller in the business and economics category. His second book, “Android Sevgilim,” which focuses on technology sanctions, is popular among young people. Away from the office, Akkuş is a great art lover and has a collection of over 200 artworks. He continues to support art and artists through art investments. Akkuş is the father of two and is fluent in English, German, French, and Arabic.

Now, after 35 years of business experience in Turkey, Akkuş aims to use his expertise in the gold sector to establish himself as a global brand in the United States and Canada. After analyzing the gold industry in North America, Akkuş identified and acquired four gold mining companies that will serve as the foundation of his expansion into the continent’s gold industry. He plans to keep a sharp eye on fluctuating markets so that he can mitigate any risks and prioritize long-term gains, with the goal of expanding further into other industries, such as real estate.

As Akkuş leverages his extensive business experience to establish himself as a world-renowned entrepreneur in the United States, he will continue to lead A&S Investment Holding to achieve further excellence. Akkuş remains proud of the impact his team has made across Turkey and the world, and he congratulates them on their award, Best Investment Company of the Year (2023). As he says, great things can be achieved when talented people come together and believe that the impossible is, indeed, possible.

For more information on Uğur Akkuş and A&S Investment Holding Company and their work to help develop Turkey into a global economic leader, please visit the company’s website or contact:

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