Arttour International’s Emerald Artivist of the Year Awards (ARTYA) to Hold Virtual Award Ceremony in November

Cesar A. Cruz once said: “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” As such, many talented artists have championed the medium to spread their message to the world by way of creative expression. Arttour International is a premier multi-media platform that constantly celebrates the many achievements of artists worldwide. With a reach of over 10 million viewers in over 180 countries, the platform has built a reputation in the art industry for promoting artists and exposing their talents to a global audience.

Recently, Arttour International announced that it would be presenting its annual Emerald Artivist of the Year Awards (ARTYA) Ceremony. Founder and CEO of Arttour International, Viviana Puello, has shown great interest in the works of many talented artists since the inception of her thriving brand. This time around, she is holding the Emerald ARTYA ceremony to honor artists who create their pieces with a purpose. 

After all, what is art if not an extension of a creative soul? It is only right that these talented individuals are given a massive platform to create more inspiring works that deeply resonate with an international audience. The Emerald ARTYA ceremony will be presented at a virtual celebration in November directly from the Arttour International studios in NYC. 

Each artist who has been nominated for the award is a certified “Artivist” with their own advocacies. Whether they make art for the purpose of environmentalism, humanitarianism, education, or simply bringing joy to their audience through color and imagery, these artists have shown tremendous promise in their field.

The virtual awards ceremony will be broadcast worldwide through the Vivid Arts TV Network, which is available on Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV. The prestigious physical award is an original artwork done by Viviana Puello herself, created with 24K Italian Gold Leaf and a Natural Colombian Emerald.

Artists and art enthusiasts alike have shown their feverish anticipation for the upcoming event. With the award ceremony being done within a virtual setting, more and more audiences can tune in to support their favorite artists with a cause. 

Arttour International continues to make great strides in the global art scene. With a massive platform that includes a physical and digital art magazine, award programs, a full PR agency, a partner gallery in New York, and a TV show, the company has helped elevate the careers of budding artists everywhere. 

The company’s international exhibitions and live events have managed to drum up buzz and attention for many talented global artists. In fact, the ATIM’s Top 60 Masters ceremony has been dubbed the “Oscars of the Visual Arts,” signifying the prestige and honor that Arttour International brings. 

Ultimately, the Emerald ARTYA is poised to bring even more success to passionate artists who are consistently using their creativity to fuel positive change in the world that we live in. It comes as no surprise that a prestigious company such as Arttour International is standing alongside these artists as they use their power to shape and revolutionize our society for the greater good. 


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