Anthony’s Center for Independent Adult Opportunities, the Non-Profit Assisting Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

People with intellectual disabilities usually require more extensive assistance to live independently, and caring for them can be both challenging and rewarding. Because they have more needs than the average individual, there must be a group of sympathetic people ready to help them develop the skills necessary to participate in day-to-day life events. For people with intellectual impairments to lead the greatest lives possible, Lisa Ciao founded the nonprofit organization Anthony’s Center for Independent Adult Opportunities, creating a safe and encouraging space for those who need it.

Anthony’s Center for Independent Adult Opportunities encourages a safe atmosphere for independent living, job training, job creation, and enjoyment for people with intellectual disabilities. It helps people with intellectual impairments gain the skills they need to adjust to adult life, primarily serving adolescents and adults with intellectual disabilities.

The organization was founded by Lisa Ciao, whose son has Kleefstra syndrome.

“Anthony may be different, but that does not diminish him. As a family, we have had our fair share of difficulties, but that does not stop me from wanting the best for Anthony, my children, and all adults with special needs,” Lisa Ciao shared. The founder of Anthony’s Center for Independent Adult Opportunities also added, “Our nonprofit is still in its infancy, but we are dreaming big! I genuinely believe we c an support children and adults with disabilities as they take steps to live their best lives. We hope we can reach more people and inspire others to donate and help our nonprofit grow so we can serve more people and families.”

There are frequently several services and resources available for kids with impairments. But there is a gap in the system when these kids mature into adolescence and adulthood. To obtain advanced life skills that will help them become more independent or prepare them for the workforce should they seek employment, a few programs are made available for older adults. It’s an unfortunate scenario, as these life skills enable people with intellectual impairments to lead more complete lives.

Anthony’s Center for Independent Adult Opportunities aims to create a place where people with disabilities can connect with others and become more active in their communities. The group aspires to eventually develop into a neighborhood that can offer homes for individuals with special needs, providing a secure environment for independent living with the tools they need. In addition to housing, they will give the members of this independent living community the chance to obtain jobs, learn how to manage their health and well-being, and develop and improve their living and decision-making abilities.

The nonprofit organization is currently in its nascent stage, searching out new funders and partner organizations. Creating an environment to aid an underrepresented group requires a lot of resources and work, mirroring the cliche “It takes a village to raise a kid,” but much more when that child has additional needs.

Nevertheless, despite being a new organization, they have joined with several individuals and organizations that support improved possibilities for persons with disabilities. Anthony’s Center for Independent Adult Opportunities also promotes other businesses that offer inclusion resources. They want to expand their network to include additional businesses, nonprofits, and contributors all across the world.


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