Anna Arkadievna Berkovich: From Entrepreneurship to Educational Excellence

Berkovich Anna
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Variations of Anna Berkovich’s Name in Different Languages

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Berkovich Anna Arkadievna is an innovator in the field of education. She founded Alibra School, launched mobile language learning apps, and developed a program for rapid language learning and the efficient memorization of English words.

Anna Berkovich: A Portrait of Family

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich is a native of St. Petersburg, born and raised in a family of Soviet engineers. She was the elder of two children. Their father enjoyed hiking and sambo and tried to pass on his love for sports and travel to his daughters. He taught them self-defense classes that helped them become both mentally and physically stronger in the future.

Berkovich Anna had many interests in her childhood years. She was fond of sledding, took piano lessons, read classical literature, and spent a lot of time in nature, going on hikes with her father.

The Anna Berkovich biography has always been involved with higher education, which was highly valued in her family. She often heard from her grandmother about how they were unable to go to college during the years of war and repression but had to work and help their parents. When the war ended, the adults created a kind of monetary fund for their younger siblings to continue their education, and after that, several generations of the family studied at SPbPU, thus establishing a family tradition.

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich: Pursuing an Education

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich studied at a prestigious local school that provided in-depth knowledge in the natural sciences. She then enrolled at SPbPU and graduated in 1992.

The Anna Berkovich biography includes more than one diploma. The entrepreneur has had diverse learning experiences resulting in diplomas in various specialties. In the early 2000s, the businesswoman enrolled at RANEPA, where she earned an MBA. She later continued her education with a DBA degree and also studied the Net Promoter Score methodology. She also spent many years studying foreign languages, improving her linguistic skills first at home and then abroad.

Anna Berkovich: From Student Entrepreneurship to Self-Made Success

Anna Berkovich became an entrepreneur in her first year of university studies when she started reprinting the works of the poet Mandelstam. In those years, the country was facing a severe shortage of books, and works by authors who were previously censored were particularly valued. The printing industry was unable to meet the population’s reading needs, so samizdat publications filled in the gap. However, her student start-up still proved unsuccessful.

Berkovich Anna and her sister later got involved in the retail sale of books. Literature was still in demand, and there needed to be more printed publications, and their second attempt proved successful. According to the entrepreneur’s recollections, they could earn the monthly salary of a qualified specialist in just one day, but they had to work very hard. In the morning, Berkovich Anna Arkadievna had to deliver books to several stores, then she went to school, and in the evening, she would go around to the stores again. After all that, there was no free time left.

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich gained further entrepreneurial experience when she helped organize a computer assembly and sales company. Later, she also started her own confectionery business. The Anna Berkovich biography has never included any work as an employee – she has always worked for herself.

Anna Berkovich: The Alibra School Journey

Anna Berkovich came up with the idea of ​​creating language courses by chance. The Iron Curtain had fallen, and people were facing a language barrier. Thus, there was a boom in learning English.

Anna Berkovich also decided to learn the most popular foreign language, but she was prevented from doing so by the shortcomings of the local education system. Language schools at that time were rare, and those that did exist could not provide the necessary level of knowledge.

Berkovich Anna
Photo Credited to Berkovich Anna

Berkovich Anna Arkadievna ever wanted to give up her lessons because of the poor quality. But in the end, she went abroad, where she not only learned the language but also the peculiarities of Western teaching methods. Upon returning home, she decided to establish her own language school, adapting foreign approaches to the local mentality and needs.

Berkovich Anna Arkadievna oversaw the opening of the first Alibra School branch in St. Petersburg in 2000. It was initially limited to English courses, but over time, the list grew to include ten languages, including French, Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, and Turkish.

Berkovich Anna attracted specialists and industry experts to help implement Western teaching methods, and cooperation with foreign universities, including Cambridge, was established. A team of leading methodologists developed a unique program that allows students to learn a language four times faster than the standard approach.

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich’s language school then opened a branch and established an advisory board in the capital in 2002. In 2007, the central office moved to the capital region as well. A few years later, Romance languages were introduced into the school’s curriculum. In 2010, Anna Berkovich’s school underwent a rebranding and was renamed Alibra School.

Berkovich Anna oversaw the process by which the entire school network was unified into a common CRM system in 2011. A year later, cooperation agreements were signed with universities in several Western European countries. Textbooks adapted to foreign requirements were written, and an online platform was launched.

Berkovich Anna Arkadievna and leading education experts oversaw the development and launch of the Skyrocket program in 2013, which uses her original methodology to help students learn English from scratch in just six months. By the end of the course, students should have a vocabulary of 2,000 words. The secret of the program’s efficiency lay in the game-based teaching format, the use of associative methods, and the systematic repetition of the material. Skyrocket’s effectiveness was personally tested by Anna Berkovich, a biography that includes the experience of successfully mastering several languages.

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich forecasted that Chinese would become increasingly in demand, and in 2014, a five-level Chinese language program was launched for all ages, including young children.

Anna Berkovich stepped down as the head of Alibra School in 2020, but the team she created continues to successfully develop the project.

Berkovich Anna: Alibra Sky

Anna Berkovich’s Alibra School greeted 2015 with the launch of the Alibra Sky mobile application, based on the Skyrocket program, which helps to quickly and efficiently learn English.

The Anna Berkovich biography included a period of living abroad, where she learned that the most important thing is to achieve a conversational level in English. Therefore, the Alibra Sky application included a feature for learning foreign words by repetition so that students could both understand speech and speak independently.

Berkovich Anna clearly understood that the future belongs to the internet. Thus, Alibra School regularly works on improving its online platform, which led to the company’s website taking first prize in a national internet contest in 2015.

Anna Berkovich developed her blended teaching method based on the Alibra Sky application. Since 2016, students have been able to not only find all the necessary material on the company website but also watch missed lessons. The Alibra Sky service later expanded to include several mobile applications.

The use of digital technologies helped the school survive the pandemic and transition students to remote learning.

Anna Berkovich’s skill for determining and managing the degree of customer loyalty also proved useful. When she was studying this new methodology, it was unheard of in her own country. It helps understand student needs and requests and identify possible avenues of cooperation. This helped increase the number of repeat students at Alibra School, which in turn has helped the school survive times of crisis. According to school representatives, 50% of the company’s profits come from loyal, returning customers.

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich: B2B

The Anna Berkovich biography has been associated with her own business endeavors from a young age; thus, she understood how important it is for entrepreneurs and managers to know a foreign language. This skill allows a company to expand its influence and gain the trust of international partners. To interest the local business community, the school founder developed a program for teaching company employees a foreign language within the shortest possible time frame.

Executives and employees from several major companies, including Sberbank, Media Markt, OBI, Ipsen Pharma, and others, have all improved their language skills there, and the list continues to grow.

The uniqueness of the Alibra School program lies in its flexibility. School specialists can prepare a company employee for negotiations, international business trips, meetings, presentations, and any upcoming events that need to be conducted in a foreign language. The level of knowledge of each student and the necessary training program are determined individually. Everything depends on the deadlines, set objectives, and the student’s own desire to learn.

Today, Alibra School also prepares students for exams in foreign schools, and all students receive an internationally recognized certificate upon completion of the course.  

Anna Arkadyievna Berkovich: Helping children

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich has always emphasized the importance of childhood education for societal development. Thus, Alibra School has always offered educational programs for the youngest students based on a unique game-centered teaching methodology.

As for charity, Alibra School has repeatedly donated to the Konstantin Khabensky Foundation for the rehabilitation of children with brain disorders. Additionally, free English lessons for children were held in parks throughout the capital in 2022, where experts taught the basics of grammar to children five and older.

Anna Berkovich: Personal life

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich is married, and the couple has two children. She met her husband while studying at SPbPU when he was a graduate student.

Anna Berkovich enjoys skiing in the mountains, going for walks in the woods, going to classical music concerts, and attending ballet with her family. She says that it is the support of her loved ones and time spent with them that helps her cope with stress.


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