Andrew Ramsden: Helping Leaders Embrace Their Authenticity and Step into Their Full Potential

Andrew Ramsden
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Being vulnerable and authentic in a world that expects leaders to be decisive, charismatic, and constantly in control can be difficult when you live in an environment like that. But leadership expert Andrew Ramsden, who is known for his work as an executive and leadership coach, maintains that the key to successful leadership is to be authentic and to value the attributes that make you stand apart from other people.

Andrew, as the founder of Peak State, has assisted thousands of Australian leaders in stepping into their authentic confidence and having a greater impact on their careers, businesses, and personal lives. His approach focuses on assisting leaders in discovering their true selves and aligning their energy and passion with their vision, as opposed to imparting specific skills or strategies.

Andrew believes that modern leaders make their biggest mistake when they rely on subconscious ‘autopilot’ behaviors or try to override those through conscious effort. This could work for short periods of time, but in the long run, it will only lead to exhaustion and diminishing returns. Through a guided process of examining and fine tuning these autopilot behaviors, leaders can then relax knowing that they will get the best possible outcomes with very little conscious effort. You can then focus on just being present and responding authentically to the events that are taking place around you which works out best for you and those you lead longer term.

To accomplish this, Andrew encourages those in positions of leadership to forego their masks and defenses and instead embrace their own sense of vulnerability while working through this process. This is not for everyone, it requires tremendous bravery and humility, but it enables leaders to connect on a deeper level with their teams and followers and inspire them to commit to their vision.

However, authenticity is not sufficient to be a strong leader. Additionally, Andrew emphasizes the significance of expanding your comfort zone by getting to the root of any conscious or subconscious discomfort that holds you back. Most ‘leadership gurus’ will tell you to push willfully outside your comfort zone. Andrew disagrees saying “use my techniques to rapidly expand your comfort zone, then never leave it!”. This allows great leaders to go where most fear to tread, utilizing the best of both conformity and defiance to define their own win-win solutions and bring others along for the ride.

Andrew believes that every strong leader must undergo their own hero’s journey. This journey is not for average leaders, but rather for those who were destined to have a greater impact. Andrew assists his clients in recognizing their own greatness and living up to their full potential, not only in their professional life but in their personal lives as well.

Andrew, who has more than 20 years of expertise in leading digital transformation and large-scale cultural change, has led successful transformations in large Public Sector Organisations and Corporations and aided more than 7000 leaders in strengthening their abilities and confidence. He is a published author and regularly requested speaker on the topics of leadership and large-scale digital and cultural transformation. In addition to that, he is the host of the Peak State Podcast, in which he speaks with prominent leaders in technology and other industries from around the world.

If you’re ready to realize your maximum leadership potential without sacrificing your health, Andrew Ramsden is your guide. Through his transformative and one-of-a-kind approach, he can assist you in becoming the leader you know deep down you can be.


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