Andrea Cordero: An Entrepreneur and Artist Getting Involved in the Community

Amid the COVID-19 crisis and civil unrest following reports of racial hate crimes, artist-entrepreneurs like Andrea Cordero have stepped up to the challenge and used their art and platform to contribute to community efforts. The founder and owner of AddiRockArt has become a living testament to the power that creatives have in making the world a better place. 

Known best for her sound engineering, acting work, and visual arts, Andrea is a powerhouse creative with a heart to give back. Amid the pandemic’s rising urgency, she donated PPEs to healthcare workers and front liners in the United Kingdom and the United States while bringing more awareness to the needs of people standing between society and a virus outbreak. She has also played a pivotal role in the Black Lives Matter movement, lending her talents as a creative and sound engineer to create projects that raise awareness of racial issues that should no longer be swept under the rug. 

The founder of AddiRockArt is the daughter of an immigrant, and she knows the challenge of being part of a minority. Despite all obstacles, she has risen to the occasion. Still, she now has a burning desire to help other people who experience systemic racism by providing them with a voice amid the chaotic inequality the world now has to deal with. 

Before starting her journey, Andrea spent years supporting other artists and helping them elevate their brand through quality creative work and audio engineering. In 2020, she decided to build a platform and take it global. She currently resides in Peterborough, UK, but hails from Baltimore, Maryland. Andrea uses her connections to start a vast network of projects across both sides of the Atlantic.

The messages that AddiRockArt shares are empowering and straightforward. “There’s a proven formula for success,” shares Andrea Cordero. “Being yourself and celebrating that is a key to it.” Through her design and other creative work, Addi can give artists a spotlight to showcase their heart and soul to the world, allowing them to build credibility and authority at a much faster rate than if they did it by themselves. She has years of proven experience in elevating creatives and uses that to raise an army of artists who are not afraid to share their message and media to the world.

Addi is also a trauma survivor who has talked about post-trauma stress disorders. Today, she also uses her platform to speak to those with the same wounds and encourage them to keep fighting past the pain. In 2021, she has branched out on her own entirely and worked with dozens of entrepreneurs to spread a positive message through creative expression that will inspire others amidst the rising challenges of these unprecedented times. 

As a multi-degree and multi-practice artist, Andrea understands the nuances behind the nitty-gritty and big picture obstacles that artists face and has a good understanding of how to traverse through them. She has won many awards for her art and has become a strong influencer online as she also has an excellent grasp of social media and marketing principles. All together, AddiRockArt hopes to create an ecosystem that would elevate artists worldwide while also responding to some of the most significant social issues that society faces today. To learn more about what Andrea is doing in these spaces, visit her website and Instagram profile.


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