An Interview with Citrus America’s Visionary Founder Brian Framson: Juicing Up Healthy Profits for Businesses Through Enhanced Efficiency & Customer Experience

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In 2011, an entrepreneurial vision sprouted from a seemingly straightforward observation: fresh juice was more readily available in Vienna, Austria, than in Florida, a state renowned for its citrus produce. This revelation became the driving force behind Brian Framson and his late father Ron’s remarkable entrepreneurial journey, which ultimately culminated in the formation of Citrus America.

However, Framson’s story is not merely one of bringing fresh juice to the American market. It is a tale of identifying opportunities, cultivating profitable ventures for businesses, and driving efficiency while consistently improving customer experiences.

Brian’s career trajectory commenced in the world of corporate giants, where he meticulously honed his skills and gleaned invaluable insights. 

“We’ve imbibed a Blue Chip mindset and comprehend the service and support expectations of large corporations,” Brian candidly noted during our conversation. 

His tenure at Ford Motor Company, where he helped drive the success of the launch of a new Ford Escort model, and later at Coca-Cola, where he bolstered profitability across the corporate titan’s Central and Eastern European divisions, equipped him with a robust foundation.

However, it was his role as Corporate Controller for an Austrian company, Constantia Packaging, that provided him with a pivotal introduction to mergers and acquisitions, laying fertile ground for entrepreneurial concepts such as Citrus America’s high-quality commercial juicers and its successful juicing programs to take root. Brian’s journey was marked by a transition from the structured environment of blue-chip corporations to the dynamic world of startups.

The impetus for the birth of Citrus America can be traced back to a profound yet elegantly simple realization. “It was more convenient to procure high-quality, fresh orange juice in Vienna, where I was residing, than during visits to my parents in Florida,” Brian elucidated. This epiphany, coupled with a deep-seated passion for fresh citrus and a yearning to manifest forth an entrepreneurial solution, sowed the seeds for the inception of the brand.

In 2011, Brian, along with his father, Ron, embarked on this entrepreneurial odyssey in unison. Ron, leveraging his acumen in managing small businesses, seamlessly complemented Brian’s corporate expertise. 

An Interview with Citrus America’s Visionary Founder Brian Framson: Juicing Up Healthy Profits for Businesses Through Enhanced Efficiency & Customer Experience
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The father-and-son team embarked on a mission that was both audacious and visionary: to revolutionize America’s grocery stores, and subsequently extending to encompass food service operations, including bars and hotels, Mexican restaurants, and a myriad of dining establishments, such as breakfast cafes, diners, bakeries, and more.

The entrepreneurial path was not without its trials and tribulations. Brian acknowledged that one of the foremost hurdles lay in transitioning from the “Big Company mindset” to the unadulterated realities of operating a startup. 

However, the wisdom gleaned from his father’s extensive experience in small business management proved to be an invaluable compass in navigating these initial challenges.

In recent years, staffing has posed a formidable challenge for Citrus America. Identifying high-caliber, motivated employees within the confines of a small enterprise is an ever-present conundrum. Brian’s daughter, Miriam, played a pivotal role in tackling this challenge by implementing a comprehensive healthcare and benefits program and streamlining operational processes, rendering Citrus America an even more appealing workplace.

Throughout our conversation, a singular motif resurfaced: Brian’s steadfast commitment to facilitating the success of their customers. “We operate in the B2B sector, so an unswerving emphasis on supporting our customers has proven to be paramount,” he underscored. 

Citrus America’s journey commenced with an unrelenting focus on delivering tangible value to its customers, a principle that continues to underscore the company’s triumphant trajectory.

When reflecting on his proudest achievements, Brian accentuated the company’s transformative influence. “We are genuinely reshaping the manner in which Americans savor citrus juice—notably, not just limited to orange juice,” he emphasized. Citrus America’s presence within some of the nation’s most esteemed grocery store chains, many of which are consistently ranked in the Top 10 supermarket chains in America, such as The Fresh Market, H-E-B, Whole Foods, and Stew Leonards, serves as a testament to the power of supermarkets to introduce successful juicing programs for their customers.

But beyond the realms of juice, Brian’s expertise in efficiency enhancement and customer-centric approaches extends far and wide. His vision transcends the confines of a single product. He seeks to drive efficiency in businesses and elevate the overall customer experience creating a win-win for businesses seeking to increase profitability. His journey serves as an exemplar of identifying opportunities, cultivating ventures, and consistently improving operational efficiency while simultaneously enhancing customer satisfaction.

As we peered into the future of Citrus America, Brian unveiled his ambitious vision. Over the forthcoming years, Framson envisions perpetuating the company’s track record of prosperity within the grocery sector while intertwining innovative technologies that align with their “Healthy Profits” strategy, characterized by an emphasis on Freshness, Healthiness, Taste, Hygiene, and Efficiency.

Moreover, he aspires to further cultivate relationships with food service businesses, restaurants, and hotels, concurrently elevating the beverage and cocktail experience while underscoring the essence of freshness.

Framson’s voyage from the corporate echelons into entrepreneurship has been nothing short of extraordinary. His vision, in tandem with his father’s sagacity and hands-on experience, spawned Citrus America—a company committed to reshaping how Americans savor citrus juice. His dedication to providing value to customers, united with his fervor for fresh juice, has served as the driving impetus behind Citrus America’s continuing triumphs.

For more information on Framson and his company, Citrus America, we encourage you to visit, and visit the brand across most social channels at @citrusamerica.    


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