An Insight Into The Spiritual Way of Living with Conjure Queen

The life of the spiritual coach, Conjure Queen is an accurate depiction of what it is like to live with the gifts of spirituality. Shatavia Green is an expert when it comes to the field of spiritual sciences. She has been a part of the spiritual realm for a long time. As mentioned by the Conjure Queen herself, “I’ve been speaking about spirituality on my YouTube platform way before it became mainstream and trendy”. She has worked her way up to become an internationally recognized advisor, speaker and holistic healer. In addition to this, she has also established a community of like minded individuals known as the Divine Royalty Family.

As she incorporates spirituality into her everyday life, Conjure Queen makes an effort to share her journey with those who seek something beyond the mundane. As a mentor and advisor, who wants to be an embodiment of spiritual values for her students, she is doing an impeccable job. She has used her social media platforms to share relevant and personal experiences for others to benefit from. One can learn a lot about spiritual consciousness by taking a look at her lifestyle alone. 

Overall, her aura radiates positivity. The Conjure Queen has been described by many as a woman of her word. Her everyday actions are in congruence with her words. As she promotes spiritual growth for every individual, she also unveils ways in which it can be accomplished. Her lifestyle is directed by the quest for freedom,independence, and peace for the soul.

These are the fundamental values she preaches to her audience. The Conjure Queen is also keen to help out the beginners in this domain by holding consultancy sessions, where she offers spiritual readings and mentorship. 

Conjure Queen is a holistic healer, which is why she addresses the various obstacles that can mitigate  the process of healing. She speaks on the issues that come with toxic relations and loved ones.In one of her videos, she imparts advice on dealing with toxic loved ones and advocates for setting up healthy boundaries. On her blogs, she gets upfront about many of her own experiences, such as the struggles of being an empath and a black sheep, to making others feel heard. 

She is a talented entrepreneur, who believes in achieving financial freedom through one’s own creativity and potential. She encourages others to make their own income and work remotely. Her YouTube channel features a video where she tells her own story of entrepreneurship in order to have the freedom to grow both professionally and spiritually. 

The Conjure Queen is also very fond of traveling. Mostly traveling to spiritual places, she keeps her followers posted on everything new that she learns. In one of her recent posts, she talks about the freedom that comes with being a Nomad. Moreover, she gives her take on maintaining relationships as a person who loves to travel. As she discovers places, shops and new items and learns new lessons related to spiritualism, she makes sure that her followers are caught up on the latest. 

Being a public figure, Conjure Queen is aware of the responsibilities that she has towards her followers. Even Though, she is a coach who offers formal services to her clients for educational purposes. Additionally, She has also taken up the role of an influencer, who through her own life, inspires her followers towards the right path. She has a unique way of encouraging people to take on the course of spirituality as she reaches out to them with compassion and understanding. She is a role model to people who are searching for their spiritual awakening. 

Take a closer look as The Conjure Queen  gets candid on being a spiritual advisor!


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