An Agency Emerging In The Mortgage Industry: Loans-io

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Loans-io is a mortgage lead generation agency that is revolutionizing the industry with its innovative video ad strategy. Tyler Warden and Casey Gibson, the co-founders of Loans-io, have a deep understanding of the challenges that loan officers face on a daily basis. Tyler’s experience in building and managing digital marketing agencies, including his own agency in the fitness industry, and Casey’s background as a real estate agent with extensive knowledge of the real estate market, give Loans-io a competitive edge in providing effective solutions to loan officers.

While working in the real estate industry, Casey observed that several loan officers were still using traditional marketing methods to generate leads, and they were hesitant to try out new strategies. These LOs were dependent on referrals and spent a lot of time attending networking events to establish connections with real estate agents, with the hope of getting recommended to clients. However, Casey realized that his own social media ads generated leads of much higher quality with much less effort. This convinced him that he could replicate this success for other LOs across the country, leading him to join forces with Tyler and establish Loans-io.

Loans-io stands out from other agencies in the mortgage lead generation space by solely focusing on video ads and utilizing high-engagement platforms like TikTok and Youtube. These platforms are specifically designed for video content, resulting in significantly better engagement compared to other platforms like Meta or Instagram. Upon onboarding a client, Loans-io creates a TikTok and Youtube ads manager and produces video ads, drives traffic to these video ads while taking on the burden of organizing all leads inside of their CRM, freeing up the LO’s time and saving them money. These leads are directed to applications where they fill out necessary information to begin the approval process. Loans-io then sends their team of top tier dialers to call and qualify these leads with more comprehensive questions such as credit score, loan amount, and purpose of the loan, once qualified then they will be scheduled as an appointment directly onto the LO’s calendar. 

During its first year of operation, Loans-io served more than 150 loan officers, allocating over $300,000 on ad spend. Approximately $200,000 of this amount was spent solely on TikTok ads, resulting in over 60,000 mortgage leads exclusive to each of their cleints. With its innovative TikTok marketing strategies, Loans-io has helped numerous clients achieve remarkable results. For instance, client Leron in California secured 11 pre-qualifications within just two weeks, while David out in Utah doubled his production and completed three loans from his first month of leads working with Loans-io. Clients Danielle from Maryland and Sara from Arizona each closed three loans within only 30 days. These case studies demonstrate the effectiveness of Loans-io’s approach in generating leads and improving LOs’ business outcomes. 

Loans-io recognizes that LOs should spend their time effectively meeting with clients and securing loans instead of investing their energy in marketing efforts. Therefore, they offer tailored content and produce ads that convert effectively in their clients’ target markets. Tyler, one of the co-founders, highlights that social media is constantly evolving, and users now prefer scrolling through videos instead of pictures. To remain relevant, Loans-io adapts to these changes by developing video content and publishing it on social media platforms, meeting potential clients where they are.

In 2023, Loans-io has ambitious plans to expand its client base by bringing on board 250 new loan officers to offer exceptional services to. The company’s success is not solely measured by its own goals, but also by the success of its clients. Loans-io has set a target for its clients to close 1,250 loans as a result of the agency’s efforts. This client-focused approach makes Loans-io an ideal agency to collaborate with if you’re a loan officer seeking to expand your business without relying on realtor referrals.


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