Alpine Dispensary: A Veteran’s Mission to Promote Health and Well-being with CBD

Alpine Dispensary
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Founded by Purple Heart Veteran Josh Garrison, Alpine Dispensary has been committed to helping customers achieve their health goals through the power of cannabis since its establishment on April 20, 2019. Driven by personal experience and a desire to provide relief for others, Garrison’s mission with Alpine Dispensary is to offer high-quality, effective, and safe cannabis products for those seeking alternative solutions for their health concerns.

Josh Garrison’s journey with cannabis began after serving 20 years in the US Army and other government agencies on dozens of combat deployments. Suffering from PTSD and the physical toll of combat, he turned to the VA for assistance. However, the prescription drugs he received led to severe side effects and no substantial relief. It was not until 2019, when he tried his first CBD product that Garrison experienced immediate and profound benefits. This transformative encounter inspired him to open Alpine Dispensary and share the healing potential of cannabis with others.

In just four years, Alpine Dispensary has assisted over 100,000 customers in reaching their health goals through carefully formulated cannabis products. The company’s hands-on approach and direct interaction with customers have enabled it to gather real-time customer needs and preferences data. This invaluable information has guided the development of their product line, ensuring that each offering is engineered for efficacy rather than solely for cost considerations.

One of Alpine Dispensary’s standout products is their Sleep Support Gummies, which contain 20mg of CBD and 20mg of Cannabinol (CBN). Recognizing the importance of rest for overall well-being, these gummies have been designed to support a restful night’s sleep without causing any psychotropic effects. The combination of CBN, an oxidized derivative of THC that promotes sedation, and CBD, which aids in relaxation through the activation of CB2 receptors, makes these gummies an ideal companion for those seeking better sleep quality.

Alpine Dispensary’s commitment to excellence extends beyond its product offerings. They utilize only the highest quality ingredients in their formulations, ensuring customers receive the best possible results. In addition, their online presence, which includes Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, serves as a platform to engage with customers and share valuable information about their products and the benefits of CBD.

Josh Garrison’s dedication to helping others through Alpine Dispensary stems from his journey and the transformative impact of CBD on his life. As the brand grows, Alpine Dispensary remains focused on providing safe, effective, high-quality cannabis products that promote health and well-being for all. By combining real-time customer data with an unwavering commitment to excellence, Alpine Dispensary has established itself as a trusted source for those seeking alternative health solutions through the power of cannabis.


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