Ali Mirza & Rose Garden Consulting: Improving Sales Teams One Company at a Time

Spotting a problem or challenge within an industry or space is a talent many people do not have. There is a vast difference between spotting a problem and solving that problem. Ali Mirza is a visionary when it comes to problem-solving in the sales industry.

Ali Mirza, a Toronto-born entrepreneur who now lives and runs his company in the United States, knows that great CEOs are decisive and unwavering in their goals regardless of market conditions or competition. They don’t pretend to have all the answers, and they know that the best way to guide the organization is to have the right people in the right seats. They don’t try to do everything, but they do hold everyone to the same high standards that they hold themselves and others.

Ali is the founder and CEO of Rose Garden Consulting. This top-tier consulting firm is primarily focused on behavioral economics to help businesses in the entertainment space improve their sales team, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic/lockdown. The company uses one of the best analyzing techniques to analyze a company’s sales team and improve communication and flow of information within the team. RGC is also committed to helping companies and their sales teams understand how they should sell based on their blindspots. 

According to Ali, “[For] most service-based organizations, the biggest challenge is the responsibility of selling falls on the founder or CEO. They are already selling themselves, their genius, their IP, etc., so also being solely responsible for the sales department is the hardest part. We build out turn key sales departments. We have a process in which we extract all of the IP from the founder and package it to make sense for the sales reps to turn around and sell the founder’s clear vision without devaluing the brand.”

One thing that sets Rose Garden Consulting apart is that they do not train their tactics or methods. The IP is built around understanding how specific markets and clients behave and creating a process geared toward enabling the sales team to have a complete understanding of how they can better communicate to their customers. This is in sharp contrast to most sales trainers that teach the same old tactics and methods.

Ali attributes his motivation to his experiences and having seen people sell the wrong way. He said, “I watched founders struggle to bring in revenue because of making the same mistakes over and over again, even though they were following ‘best practices’ dictated by ‘sales gurus.’ It was wrong. It wasn’t working. Sellers and buyers are misaligned, and I set out to change that.”

In five years, Ali sees Rose Garden Consulting as having impacted the sales community significantly. He points out that the firm has its proprietary system that would soon be rolled out. He went further to say that the system won’t be franchised or licensed but instead is a model that can be brought into the SMB market worldwide. “We will have fundamentally changed the way people sell services and aligned it more with the way people buy,” he concludes. 

To learn more about Ali and Rose Garden Consulting, visit their website.


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