Alexander Olson Helping Brands Build Credibility Online

The digital revolution has created massive opportunities for businesses, organizations, and individuals to engage with the world through widely available channels. But the reality is getting people’s attention on highly saturated virtual platforms can be quite a challenge. That’s where the expertise of people like Alexander Olson can be extremely valuable.

Alexander is the founder and CEO of AuthorityCred, a PR company that helps companies build authority, exposure, and awareness online by landing guaranteed placements on leading publications online. He has successfully helped a wide array of clients land on the most visited media outlets, leading to business growth and credibility in the process.

Getting to where he is now wasn’t easy for Alexander Olson. Growing up, he went through plenty of hardships. Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, through the peak of revolts, Alexander’s mother would abandon him at the age of five, leaving him at the door of an orphanage to fend for himself. “The one person I felt safe with and loved by left me,”  openly shares Olson. “I felt alone and scared. I often look back and think of what that did to my 5-year-old self.” Thankfully, Alexander would get adopted by a good family who would lovingly raise him and help him grow into the man he is today.

His humble beginnings would train Alexander Olson to work hard and persevere through difficulty. He would carry that attitude to his professional years when he would dive into entrepreneurship. It took Alexander a few failed tries to get his footing in the game as he jumped between ventures. But the serial entrepreneur was more than determined to create something that would make an impact and leave a lasting legacy on top of providing him with a comfortable life. 

He would soon come upon marketing and PR, which he would instantly find joy in. Moreover, he also discovered that he had a talent for getting people noticed online. That knack for the craft would ultimately direct Alexander towards starting AuthorityCred, a marketing and PR firm that aims to give companies more leverage by appearing on leading publications. Alexander himself has appeared on media outlets like CBS, NBC and Fox34, to name a few. Today, he helps others reach the same goals by providing them resources, networks, and know-how to get them on top publications. 

AuthorityCred provides one of the leading full-service marketing packages that guarantee access to the world of media and publicity. The company’s team of leading experts provides more than guidance; they also walk with clients through the whole process and aid them with their pitches and troubleshoots when challenges come along the way. As a persistent problem-solver, Alexander has a knack for getting through bottlenecks and helping his clients reach their desired results.

For the PR expert, his work goes beyond simply marketing his client’s products, services, and brands to publishers. “I have found that many people offer marketing but don’t give true authority and credibility,” shares Alexander. “I wanted to create a company that does that by building mutual trust with brands and platforms. Thankfully, we’ve found considerable success in achieving that.”Alexander hopes to scale AuthorityCred more in the coming years and provide a more streamlined process to thousands of companies, no matter what shape or size. To learn more about Alexander Olson and AuthorityCred, visit their LinkedIn profile.


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