Adi Ankonina: From Breaking Barriers to Innovation in Marketing

Adi Ankonina
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Most people find it easy to open a business. However, the hardest part is growing and expanding it to become a well-known brand that brings in customers despite the challenges. Sometimes, all a business needs is a growth marketer who is creative and innovative and has strategies that will succeed. Adi Ankonika has a deep level of understanding of how marketing works and can analyze new ideas, validate them as quickly as possible, and scale your business to whatever heights you want.

Adi is a focused leader who started her entrepreneurial journey at just 24 when she specialized as a social media growth expert. She noticed a market gap where many businesses promoting their products on Instagram needed guidance, and there was no one to help them do so effectively. She jumped at the opportunity and has provided insight and guidance to over 2,000 clients and 100 students over the past five years.

Adi partnered with Antoly Toluc Eidelman to launch her social media agency, where she helps her clients target the correct audience, engage with their customers, and help their accounts grow in large numbers. Adi has increased her services to cover platforms like Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, where she consistently gives her best by helping more and more businesses attract potential customers.

Over the years, Adi has seen tremendous growth. In 2021, her agency was ranked in the top five growth agencies and the top 3 as the most talented. Her brand has well-known to numerous businessmen and women looking to expand their online presence, promote their products, and attract a large audience. This fame has seen her ranked as the best growth marketing expert in 2022.

Adi recalls that one Friday morning, she woke up to over 50 missed calls. “There was a major crisis on Instagram with businesses I was working with unable to log into their accounts. It was a global problem that required immediate attention.” She refers to it as the “Black Friday of 2022.” But driven by her motto, “Never give up,” she rose to the task. Adi worked nonstop for 72 hours to find the fastest solution by researching what was happening and analyzing the situation, resolving the problem for her clients.

Adi says what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so you have to embrace those ups and downs in your entrepreneurial journey as they will keep you going and make you great. She adds, “Being an entrepreneur involves ups and downs, but the challenges are what make it worthwhile. Our purpose is to find solutions, create new products and services, and provide maximum value to others. Don’t give up, always stay focused, and do your best for your clients, students, and those in need.” Adi says the greatest foundations to success are believing in yourself and staying focused on your ambition.

As a determined innovator, Adi aspires to continue serving clients globally while delivering the best solutions, including utilizing cutting-edge AI tools. She is confident she’ll continue finding solutions, creating new products and services, and providing maximum value to others. “I aim to educate individuals worldwide on becoming growth experts, enabling them to assist others in realizing their own aspirations while building the lifestyle they’ve always envisioned,” affirms Adi.   


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