Achieving Global Transformation: Adam Houlahan’s Secrets for Success

Achieving Global Transformation: Adam Houlahan’s Secrets for Success
Photo Credited to Adam Houlahan

Promoting a brand can seem like an impossible task. With the many different platforms that brands are utilizing, finding the right strategy to tell your company’s story is a task that has many entrepreneurs scrambling to find the right coach to teach them how to hack the system and stand out. Adam Houlahan is the go-to strategist for brands that are struggling to find their voice. As the founder of Prominence Global, he’s helped influencers, business leaders, and leading brands stand out on LinkedIn through his thorough understanding of how its algorithm works and what content delivers the best results.

Adam’s entry into the business world was as the founder of a retail water and snowski outlet, but it was his venture into organic skincare where he noticed a game-changing trend. “I saw that early adopters of social media were quickly becoming the most successful in their niche,” he recalls. After following suit, he was able to help scale the company’s reach to over 65 countries around the world. Realizing the immense potential of social media coupled with a desire to launch his own business, Adam ventured into the world of LinkedIn. “At first, it was a very clunky platform to master, but it made sense. The more I delved, the clearer LinkedIn’s potential became,” says Adam. This clarity steered him from offering consultations to founding a globally acknowledged agency. He has dedicated the last decade to helping others master lead generation and scale their business.

Here are three tips he shares for successfully scaling a business.

Tip #1 – Know Your Stuff

At the beginning of his career, Adam was in the same boat as many other business leaders and found LinkedIn to be a complicated platform. However, as he developed a deep understanding of how to navigate the algorithm, he came to see that it was simply a matter of being willing to dig deep enough to get the information that he needed. “You can’t fake it till you make it anymore,” Adam emphasizes. “These days, you need to know your stuff from day one because mistakes travel quickly.”

Tip #2 – Learn How to Lead a Business

All too often, specialists have a hard time grasping what it takes to run a business. Adam notes that this is a common mistake he sees today. “I see people who are great at graphic design, but running a graphic design agency is different. It’s crucial to be mentored by someone running a business,” Adam advises. In addition to the technical skills that brands bring to their pages on LinkedIn, a strong knowledge of business best practices and branding strategies is an absolute must for anyone who is hoping to expand their reach and operate their brand at its fullest potential.

Tip #3 – Lead Generation is Key

The ability of a business to generate sales is a determining factor in its long-term survival. Adam sees lead generation as a brand’s lifeblood. Whether the brands he works with are coaches, cold storage companies, or mortgage brokers, he sees their approach to lead generation as a major contributing factor to their success. In his words, “if you can’t sell, you can’t make money.”

Looking Ahead

Adam looks ahead to what the future will hold for marketing on LinkedIn. As the platform adopts AI tools, his team is quickly growing to keep up with the pace of technological growth. Prominence Global has already released its first AI program, designed specifically to help brands connect more efficiently with warm leads for their business.

About Adam Houlahan 

Adam is a successful author and speaker and highly experienced lead generation expert – specifically on LinkedIn. With two highly-praised books to his name, his writing has helped transform the trajectory of many brands and has received glowing reviews from industry leaders. You can find more about his books or his lead generation strategies through both LinkedIn and his website.


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