Acclaimed Visionary Katarina Viva Talks About Going the Distance and Beating the Odds With Vivamacity

Pursuing a goal is a journey that entails a whole lot of courage and determination. As a matter of fact, only those who are brave enough to go after their dreams can reach the fulfilling milestone of translating lifelong visions into reality. This is illustrated in the case of Katarina Viva, a visionary whose relentless drive and unwavering commitment enabled her to reach impressive heights in her career. Today, she stands as the esteemed founder of Vivamacity, a trailblazing enterprise that has been making significant waves in the jewelry industry. 

As someone who has always been passionate about her craft, Katarina Viva addressed herself to the challenge of sharing some of her works with the world. In 2016, she created an Etsy account where she was able to sell handmade jewelry. Little did she know that her little passion project would eventually blossom into the emerging powerhouse that is now known as Vivamacity. Heavily determined to experience more growth with her enterprise, Katarina continues to unleash her creative flair and serve as a source of inspiration for go-getters just like herself. 

Widely acknowledged for its aesthetically pleasing products and highly fashionable designs, Vivamacity offers an array of handcrafted jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and anklets. Some of the brand’s dazzling creations include beautiful pieces embellished with crystals, gemstones, and 925 silver. In an effort to ensure uniqueness, it also allows customers to personalize and customize their jewelry. In this way, individuals can wear one-of-a-kind accessories that speak volumes about their personality and vibe. 

In an interview, Katarina revealed that the journey leading to the creation of her brand was a rather serendipitous one. She said that she never intended to start a company. However, things began to progress when she got her very first order. After that fateful milestone, she did a photo shoot with friends and added the products to the listings. From there, her venture kicked off and blossomed into the highly-acclaimed enterprise it is today. Only two years after its inception, Vivamacity garnered over 600,000 followers. With such an impressive feat, it was dubbed as one of the first few “Instagram” brands.

At the heart of Vivamacity’s mission is its laudable commitment to creating high-quality products that are unlike any other in the market. “Around 99% of jewelry brands out there cannot guarantee no green fingers. We use the best quality 925 silver and a range of beautiful gemstones, handpicked specifically by our artisans from Ethiopian opal to rainbow moonstone, amethyst, and so much more,” Katarina said.

She then went on to talk about how gutted she was when notable brands and sites stole her designs. “I was so heartbroken I wanted to begin trying to grow, so I made a website. After that, I started growing on Instagram with influencer marketing that I taught myself,” she shared. “The journey has been a huge horrible obstacle, to be quite honest. Lots of people are using you and losing fake friends.”

Although Katarina is already at the helm of a flourishing enterprise, she still likes to look back on her humble beginnings and remind herself of how far she has come. As someone who has gone through her fair share of challenges and obstacles in her entrepreneurial journey, she wants aspirants and dreamers to know that the best things never come easy. 


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