A Tale of Triumph: How Onome Odometa is Pioneering Change and Building Success in Nigeria

A Tale of Triumph: How Onome Odometa is Pioneering Change and Building Success in Nigeria
Photo Credited to Onome Odometa

Nigeria, Africa, is grappling with numerous challenges, among which are abuse, poverty, and inadequate education. Recent statistics reveal that more than 40% of Nigerians live below the poverty line, highlighting the dire state of affairs in this region. Yet amidst these struggles, we find individuals who are rising above these hardships and inspiring change. One such person is Onome Odometa, a multi-faceted entrepreneur and social activist who is making impressive strides in the world of wealth management and the film industry. Here are Onome’s tips for success.

Onome’s journey is a testament to the relentless passion and an unwavering drive to effect change. Graduating with honors from Delta State University in Nigeria and later refining her skills at renowned institutions like INSEAD in France and the London Business School in the UK, she embarked on her professional path, which would later lead her to become the Founder and CEO of Hedge Productions and Chair of the Onome Aid Foundation. Her experience across diverse sectors including education, fashion, beauty, entertainment, sales, retail, private wealth management advisory, and fundraising gave her a broad perspective on the problems plaguing her society and kindled a fiery resolve to address them.

Tip One: Know Who You Are
Onome’s first tip for success is, “Know your worth and persevere.” Despite being a young entrepreneur and often encountering skepticism, she never allowed others’ opinions to dictate her path. As the Head of Private Wealth Management and Client Services at AIICO Capital, she leveraged her unique approach to financial management – helping clients build strong financial foundations before investing – to drive the company’s assets under management to grow by 2,600% between 2014 and December 2020. These figures are an attestation of her commitment to her work and her undying perseverance, irrespective of societal perceptions.

Tip Two: Turn Your Passion Into A Movement
Onome’s second tip is, “Harness your passion to make a difference.” This mantra is evident in her career shift into filmmaking with her company, Hedge Productions. Her debut as an Executive Producer with “Nemesis” and her follow-up production, “The Therapist”, addressed societal issues such as fraudulent methods of generating income and domestic violence against women. Her focus on producing high-quality and socially conscious content showcases the potency of passion-fueled work, illuminating important issues, and fostering meaningful conversations.

Tip Three: Embrace Your Culture
Her third tip for success is, “Remain adaptable and embrace cultural preservation.” Her stories are not confined to a single region or culture, they are global, promoting a broad reach and impactful conversations worldwide. In an industry often criticized for its lack of cultural preservation, Onome and Hedge Productions strive to maintain the essence of African history in their projects, a characteristic that sets her and her company apart from others.

In Summary
Onome Odometa is a trailblazer, proving that obstacles and societal norms don’t define one’s potential. With a strong emphasis on perseverance, passion-fueled work, and cultural preservation, she has carved a unique path in wealth management and the film industry. As she prepares for the release of “Unseen, Unheard,” a documentary focusing on the impact of domestic violence on children, we can anticipate more influential and impactful work from this inspiring figure.

Be sure to follow Onome for more tips and information at Hedge Productions’ website or follow her on her preferred social media for daily information about what she’s up to. Remember, as Onome always says, “Set realistic goals and tackle them with a balanced approach. Be patient, persistent, and maintain your well-being.”


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