A Shared Belief in the Power of Natural Ingredients and a Passion for their Mission brought the mend™ Team Together.

Everyone faces health challenges at some point in their lives, whether personally or with family members. Having to deal with the pains and frustrations associated with the healing process, or even just the wear and tear on our bodies that results from daily living, is something we all have in common. Four individuals, each with their own challenges, joined together to create mend™, a life sciences and biotechnology company offering science-based, clinical nutrition products that provide groundbreaking ways to maintain your daily health by reducing inflammation and helping to accelerate the healing process post-surgery and every day. Their personal experiences served to expose the gaps in the healthcare system, and each of them identified areas they wanted to impact and improve. With a passion for their mission, the four committed to working tirelessly to develop novel solutions.

Mend™ CEO Eziah Syed founded mend™ after having experienced a bone fracture that took way longer to heal than he had ever envisioned; he understood that there was a massive gap in nutrition for healing. Eziah’s three co-founders were motivated to join him in finding a solution based on their collective goal, each from their own perspective. Whitney Stevens was (and is) a strong proponent of clinical nutrition with a patient-centric approach. Justin Kamine’s main motivation was an ongoing frustration with synthetic meds being over-used for pain management. Justin subsequently contacted Helene Rutledge, who has a long-time background in pharma, paired with a personal passion for natural solutions. Once all the pieces fit together, they were ready to formulate organic products that would have an unprecedented ability to truly manage inflammation and reduce soreness. 

“Our personal health challenges served to expose gaps in our healthcare system and helped us to identify key areas we wanted to impact and improve. With this mission, we have extended and enhanced patient care while reducing provider burden and stress through a clinically proven nutripharma and digital health coaching and monitoring platform,” said Eziah Syed, CEO of mend.

To keep yourself on the mend, Eziah Syed shared his favorite mend™ recipe, which he consumes daily – banana, peanut butter, oat milk, and Regenerate, as well as doing a HOT HIIT® class, 60 minutes in a hot room with high-intensity training.

The new healthcare paradigm, committed to helping people heal as they regain their body’s peak performance so that they can live better lives – is at the center of everything mend™ embodies. The breakthroughs put forth by mend™ will benefit everyone, everywhere. One way that mend™ is changing the face of healthcare is with Upgraid by mend™, their new AI-enabled digital care platform, which extends the care delivery model for the patient beyond the hospital setting to home care. Through this program, patients receive hands-on coaching, guidance, support, and health monitoring by certified professionals, demonstrating improved clinical outcomes.

For more information, check out the rest of the mend™ co-founders and how they maintain their healthy lifestyles at mend.me.


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