A Better Kombucha Industry With Kombucha Town

A Better Kombucha Industry With Kombucha Town
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Chris Mccoy and his wonderful team at Kombucha Town are out to set an example, not only for other Kombucha companies, or even companies within the beverage industry, but for the market as a whole.

This is not just about making a fermented tea-based beverage that tastes amazing while still offering a healthy alternative to soda—although that’s definitely the case. It’s about the perfectly harmonizing purpose, culture and practice. Kombucha Town is a prime example of how a company can thrive while putting their purpose at the forefront of every decision they make. 

The Rise of Kombucha Town

A Better Kombucha Industry With Kombucha Town
Photo Courtesy: Kombucha Town

Chris Mccoy founded Kombucha Town with a simple motivation. He wanted to produce and sell a product that had great flavor and was good for people’s health, and the environment.

A year later, his mother would start to show the first signs of Alzheimer’s, giving him a new perspective about his business and overall life. Kombucha Town was created to be more than another kombucha brand. it had to be something that people could rally behind.

Chris pursued his ideal without fail or compromise, it became clear that his new vision was paying off, as Kombucha grew not only in size and revenue, but also as a community of like-minded followers.

Sustainability At The Core

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Photo Courtesy: Kombucha Town

At the heart of Kombucha Town lies an intimate connection to nature and a desire to preserve it. They were the first kombucha company to sell their products in 16oz aluminum cans, which made them lighter, more recyclable and space efficient.

This makes producing and distributing the cans cost less fuel and energy, further reducing their carbon footprint. Moreover, Kombucha Town’s operations run purely on renewable energy provided by Puget Sound. Even the brewing process itself is done by burning clean natural gas, leaving only black tea leaves as waste, which is then used as compost. 

Biome Aid

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Photo Courtesy: Kombucha Town

The environmental benefits of Kombucha Town’s brewing methods don’t stop at using clean energy sources. In 2019, Chris Mccoy developed Biome Aid, his company’s proprietary brewing process which works following three core concepts:

  • Formula: Biome Aid works by making use of the naturally occurring properties of each ingredient for kombucha. Tea, for example, has extremely potent properties which can be maximized to increase its uses, value and flavor.
  • Process: People have been brewing drinks by fermentation for centuries. Kombucha Town’s methodology leverages thousands of years of tradition in tandem with modern culinary technique to create the best possible end product.
  • Culture: Kombucha Town’s culture has been nurtured in over 350 generations of microorganisms to deliver a very precise and rich product which perfectly marries flavor with the drinks’ many benefits.

As easy as it would be to go on about what makes Kombucha Town a standout in its industry, nothing tops the experience of trying it firsthand. Visit Kombucha Town’s official website and pick up one of their kombucha seltzers and experience the benefits yourself. Take a step forward and join Kombucha Town’s mission to create a better industry with better, more sustainable beverages.  



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