5 HealthTech Startups Revolutionizing Global Healthcare in the Digital Age

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The emergence of cutting-edge technologies, modern-day research, and progressive leadership has propelled the healthcare industry toward innovative and revolutionary changes. From optimizing medical accessibility to introducing new treatment plans, healthtech startups have revolutionized how people receive, perceive, and experience healthcare services. 

Whether it’s telemedicine platforms that connect patients with healthcare professionals to leveraging data for holistic treatment plans specifically tailored for individual patients, technology is revolutionizing the way the healthcare industry operates in the digital age.

Here are 5 healthtech startups that are currently revolutionizing the healthcare industry on a global scale:


Evinature is at the forefront of advanced research in integrative therapies specifically designed for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). The company is committed to sourcing, developing, and distributing nutraceuticals that have been clinically proven to be effective. Through their exclusive online platform, they offer patients worldwide the opportunity to access accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment options.

The core of their platform revolves around the CurQD® Protocol, a revolutionary approach to natural and personalized treatment regimens based on the pioneering research of their esteemed founders. The CurQD® Protocol has been successfully integrated into standard clinical practices at leading medical centers in Israel, the U.S., and Canada.

Brainiac Healthcare

Brainiac Healthcare has developed a cutting-edge medical device called RespiCOz, which is designed to monitor patients’ CO2 levels. By measuring the amount of CO2 emitted from a person’s lungs, this innovative product assesses the health status of their respiratory system. Notably, RespiCOz stands out for being both low-cost and low-maintenance, making it a convenient and efficient solution.

This advanced CO2 monitoring device offers significant benefits for doctors and physicians, as it simplifies the process of monitoring lung health. RespiCOz proves to be an invaluable tool in their daily patient treatments, allowing for precise and real-time assessment of respiratory function.


IntelliProve, an emerging MedTech startup located in Ghent, Belgium, is making rapid strides in swiftly and accurately assessing various health parameters through advanced technology. This breakthrough is achieved by utilizing optical measurements of the face, supported by a combination of innovative signal processing and computer vision technology.

With a simple click on a smartphone, IntelliProve’s groundbreaking platform enables the measurement of both physiological and mental health parameters. Remarkably, this process is fast, contactless, and does not require any additional hardware, making it a seamless and user-friendly experience for individuals accessing healthcare through the platform.


Tempus is leading the charge in making precision medicine a reality by applying AI in healthcare, extracting insights from its expansive library of clinical and molecular data. Physicians are empowered to make real-time, data-driven decisions, providing personalized care and targeted therapies for patients through Tempus’ analytical machine learning platform that harnesses the power of AI. Tempus’ transformative approach enables the acceleration of novel target discovery, prediction of treatment effectiveness, identification of potentially life-saving clinical trials, and early diagnosis of multiple diseases.

Tempus collaborates with its partners to facilitate the exploration, advancement, and provision of optimized therapeutic solutions for patients using unique and distinct solution sets.


Kinetik is a developer of a pioneering digitally integrated healthcare transportation system. This innovative infrastructure links payors, patients, and transportation providers, establishing a comprehensive and interconnected Kinetik ecosystem. This integration fosters seamless delivery of non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services, offering full visibility into each trip’s life cycle, ensuring program transparency, enhancing access to care, and effectively reducing instances of fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA). 

Kinetik works in partnership with transportation providers, brokers, health plans, and healthcare providers to establish a well-connected network that involves every stakeholder in the non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) workflow.

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