5 Happiness Apps That Will Improve Your Personal Well-Being

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In search of good vibes? As Apple said, there’s an app for that.

For more than a decade, happiness apps have been helping users in dedicating time and energy to their personal well-being and overall headspace. By setting aside a few minutes each day to connect with oneself and engage in bite-size activities that bring joy, one can achieve a more harmonious and fulfilling life.

These science-based happiness apps incorporate principles from positive psychology to aid users in discovering happiness, managing stress and anxiety, fostering resilience, and cultivating positive habits. Their focus lies in enhancing emotional well-being, social connections, and physical health.

Here are 5 of the top happiness apps that will improve one’s overall well-being:

Happy Things

Happy Things is a pioneer in helping individuals turn happiness into a skill, transforming scientific and psychological principles into easily manageable happiness practices. People can effortlessly integrate these concise, diverse daily activities into their busy schedules, promoting increased happiness and overall well-being.

Drawing from the wealth of scientific knowledge, Happy Things provides a fun, easy, and engaging way to focus on self-improvement, one step at a time. Rooted in the principles of positive psychology, the app utilizes extensive research from countless studies spanning decades, all centered around understanding what truly brings happiness to people’s lives. Their ultimate goal is to make happiness accessible to millions across the globe, enabling them to improve their well-being on their terms.


Mindshine revolutionizes how people think, feel, and act, leading to elevated levels of well-being and satisfaction. By utilizing techniques derived from psychology and neuroscience, they simplify these methods into manageable and achievable steps for everyone to adopt.


The platform boasts a wide array of over 300 audio-guided sessions, breaking down complex scientific principles into enjoyable and straightforward practices. The Mindshine coach takes center stage, offering personalized recommendations for users’ next actions and ensuring they stay committed to their goals. Each guided exercise contributes to the development of a positive mindset, builds confidence, and ultimately fosters a happier outlook on life.


Happify is dedicated to fostering happiness by offering various activities and games rooted in positive psychology research with the primary goal of guiding users toward a happier life. Through science-based games and activities, Happify acts as a brain training tool, assisting individuals in overcoming negative thought patterns.

The app provides a wide selection of over 65 activities, ranging from guided meditations to reflective writing assignments, all carefully designed by happiness experts. Additionally, it offers personalized recommendations based on users’ specific happiness goals, ensuring a tailored and effective approach. What’s more, Happify allows users to track their progress, offering valuable insights into how their happiness evolves, and providing motivation and encouragement along the journey.

Do Happy: Daily Happier Habits

The Do Happy: Daily Happier Habits app presents a straightforward and effective approach to enhancing happiness by incorporating science-backed practices and the power of small victories. Its design revolves around facilitating users in seamlessly integrating happiness practices into their everyday routines, thereby fostering motivation and transforming happiness into a habit.

The app emphasizes crucial positive aspects, including self-care, maintaining relationships, and performing acts of kindness, with its “Do Happy Task of the Day.” With the gratitude journal, users can collect their favorite photos and cherish happy moments from each day, curating a collection of gratitude. The accountability calendar serves as a tool to stay on course and motivated in their pursuit of happiness. Through the important people organizer, users can strengthen their relationships and gain peace of mind, never again forgetting a special occasion.

Happy Habits

Happy Habits is a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)-based digital resource that aims to facilitate behavior change for individuals. The app recognizes the intricate interplay between thoughts, emotions, and actions, all of which collectively influence one’s well-being and overall performance.

The app guides users through a step-by-step process of behavior change and provides hands-on coaching and support. Users can continually track their progress and work on building essential skills for a lifetime of growth and development, fostering a never-ending journey of learning. With Happy Habits, individuals can embark on a path of positive transformation, enhancing their self-awareness, self-development, and self-mastery.


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