21-Year-Old Female CEO Shares the Message Behind House of Locura, the “Solution to a Mad Lifestyle”

Aiming to build a brand that reflects the craziness of youth and an on-the-go lifestyle, 21-year-old artist, producer, and CEO Zuzy Dabrowska, best known as Zuzy, founded Locura. Built amid the pandemic, Locura aimed to bring hope, color, and a sense of community at a time when they were rare to find. What started as a brand that carried creative masks to reflect personality while simultaneously providing protection eventually blossomed into a full-on lifestyle brand.

Zuzy is originally from Poland, but she grew up in different parts of the world. She has moved to Spain, China, Switzerland, the USA, and Mexico. Seeing how vibrant the world is and how diverse cultures are, Zuzy’s perspective widened as she adapted to new environments and learned new languages. Today, Zuzy runs Locura in the same dynamic and unique way as her upbringing. 

“Since my life was pure madness, I decided to name the brand Locura, which means madness in Spanish,” shared Zuzy. “I then re-named it to House of Locura because I was still missing that meaning of community. The word house correlates to home, and what’s a better feeling of safety than a home,” added the CEO.

Locura’s products are specifically designed to complement a futuristic lifestyle. The company is proudly female-operated and owned since its founding in Mexico City in 2020. From face masks, Locura eventually carried a clothing line and has recently launched its newest home capsule called Casa de Locura. “Each of our items is made to work with each other; we’re here to simplify your life so that you can focus on your story. There are a lot of crazy stories out there, and ours starts here,” said Zuzy. 

Besides offering unique products, Locura is also on a mission to build a community of like-minded individuals by providing creative content such as tutorials and behind-the-scenes videos on how they make their products. “Our photoshoots are definitely non-traditional; I like to shoot my closest friends and family because they represent the brand’s inclusivity; it re-emphasizes our brand message. I want people to feel like House of Locura is their little source of inspiration and ease; it’s the House of Madness; everyone is welcome,” Zuzy said. 

Furthermore, Zuzy is not afraid to show the vulnerability behind Locura. She proudly shares the process and growth progress of the company through the digital space. The brand recently released a video taking you through the process of their most recent rebranding. After barely a year of being in operations, Locura has gone through six different website designs, various brand image revisions, logo changes, and the nature of its product photography. By showing how a brand is not perfect from the start, Zuzy hopes that she inspires others who also want to start a company. 

“I remember we barely had anything set up, but I kept wanting to push the brand and just get it going so I could feel it out and really adapt it to what I wanted it to portray, because, in reality, we don’t have a typical ‘brand’ message and foundation, we rarely do things exactly how they’re supposed to be,” said Zuzy. “It’s all about the journey of the story that makes it so special,” she added. 

Besides her flourishing entrepreneurial venture, Zuzy also wants to further her career as a music artist. Zuzy is currently a junior at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU Tisch and a creative director at AITV. She aims to land phenomenal collaborations with other artists whose music reflects her style, personality, and even the Locura’s message.

To learn more about Zuzy and the House of Locura, visit their website.


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