12 Signs You Don’t Need a Second Date

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Can you tell when the date is going wrong?
Going out on a first date is pretty exciting but doesn’t always end as we’d hoped. However, we tend to ignore red flags about our date, mostly because we don’t want to ruin the date.

In this article, we’ll discuss some common signs people miss when their dates go wrong.

When you are observant and attuned to your date’s behavior, you’ll know when things start to go south and when to pull the plug.

Here are some of the signs you don’t need a second date;

1. Lack of Engagement

You can tell your date isn’t fully present if they are disinterested or disengaged in the conversation, always scrolling on their phone and giving short and curt responses.

Also, if you don’t hear from them for over 24 hours after the first date, take it as a sign they’re not interested in a second date.

2. Negative Body Language

You can tell your date is uncomfortable or disinterested when they avoid eye contact, lean away, and cross their arms.

3. Constantly Looking Around

When you’re on a date with someone who appears distracted, they are probably not worth a second date. So, if your date keeps looking around or at other people, it suggests they’d rather be anywhere than with you.

4. Limited Conversations

One of the greatest green flags on a date is a great conversation.

If you’re struggling to hold up a conversation or you can’t find common topics to talk about, then it’s clear there’s no chemistry.

With such a date, you’ll suffer through awkward pauses and plenty of one-word responses. Nobody would blame you if you left to take care of a sudden emergency.

5. Negative Vibes and Constant Complaining

You’re really not meant for each other if your date sounds like a pessimistic prick.

Such people will focus on everything wrong around them and probably complain the entire time. Nobody wants to hang out with such a buzzkill, so feel free to delete and block their number afterward.

A second date won’t make them any fun.

6. Constantly Checking the Time

Unless you’re on a date with Doctor Strange, your date has no business checking the time every five minutes.

If they do, it means they really don’t want to be there, and they are ready for the date to end.

7. They Avoid Physical Contact

It is important to hang out with people who respect your boundaries. However, you can tell someone is not romantically interested when they actively avoid any form of physical contact.

If you try to lightly touch or hold their hand, it will be met with avoidance and/or discomfort.

8. One-Sided Conversations

Well, there are two ways this could go wrong.

For starters, your date might spend the entire time talking about themselves. They will show no interest in what you have to say. In addition, they will interrupt you constantly.

Secondly, you might find yourself bearing the heavier load of the conversation. You’ll ring up different topics, ask questions, or crack jokes but be met with one-word responses and indifference. If they don’t bother to contribute to the conversation, you’re better off at home bringing your favorite sitcom.

9. No Plans or Suggestions about the Future

We don’t expect you to be making wedding plans on the first date. But if there is any chemistry between you both, you’ll talk about hanging out more in the future.

Your date will actively want to spend more time with you, and they’ll put in the effort without you pressing.

If they don’t talk about second dates or meeting up in the future, it is highly likely that your date doesn’t want to pursue things further.

10. You Disagree on Important Stuff

A lot rides on the second date, and it helps you determine any real potential with a potential partner.

However, there are several things that don’t have to wait for a second date. Sometimes, you may have opposing views your date might not be on board with. However, most people will avoid confronting your views and choose to ghost you instead.

You can avoid such dates by using a ts dating app, so you’ll be sure your date shares your values and goals.

It’s important to know their standing on sensitive topics such as religion, politics, sexual orientation/identity, and finances.

11. You Have Opposites Lifestyles

You might have a nice first date with the spark and magic, but a second date isn’t really an option if you have parallel lifestyles.

If you like to travel and party while your date prefers to stay home to read books and watch documentaries, the future may have nothing for you.

There’ll be too many compromises in the relationship, and you’ll have limited shared experiences that you both enjoy.

12. They Can’t Stop Talking About their Ex

Talking about an ex on a first date is not a red flag. It is important to talk about certain things, like how long the relationship lasted or what you learned from it.

However, the ex topic becomes problematic when your date can’t stop talking about an ex, whether negatively or positively.

Pull the plug if there’s even the slightest chance your date might be hung up on an ex.


Being aware of these tell-tale signs is very important, but you should trust your intuition and communicate openly with your date.

There’s no manual to dating, so don’t be afraid to take risks or be direct with your date. Open and honest communication helps to clarify misunderstandings and ensures you’re both on the same page.



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