Unveiling Bill Herndon’s Broken Shackles

Image commercially licensed from: https://unsplash.com/photos/a-man-in-sadness-TTERPL8U9K0
Image commercially licensed from: https://unsplash.com/photos/a-man-in-sadness-TTERPL8U9K0

Bill Herndon is a known name in the entertainment and media industry, renowned for his work as a producer and director. His journey in the entertainment world has span over 18 years, as an awarding winning content creator. He has worked with Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group, VH1, and Big Fish Productions, and winning awards for docu-series; Sisters of the Game, America’s Next Big Franchise, Life to Live, and Count Down. Creating compelling and commercially viable content is his forte, but his work in the social media space goes beyond that. Herndon has also contributed significantly to talent development by working with creators to create authentic niche content for today’s ever changing social media landscape.

Bill Herndon has diversified skills and expertise in the entertainment business. And now, he is looking to accomplish himself as an author. Herndon is publishing a book called “Broken Shackles” about his life journey and how he managed to deal with poverty and trauma. So, let’s explore what Bill Herndon’s upcoming book is about and what it offers readers.

Broken Shackles – An Inspiring Tale of Overcoming Trauma

The book Broken Shackles explores the author’s journey from a little boy marred in the chaos of poverty, toward becoming a successful producer, director, and entrepreneur. It is the first book from a series of three, scouring the author’s life journey from various aspects to inspire others.

Broken Shackles takes you through Bill Herndon’s life experiences, including his childhood traumas and the difficulties he faced due to poverty. The author starts with his family background and discusses the distressing lives of his parents. He discussed how his parents’ drug addiction and poverty affected his and his siblings’ childhood.

Bill Herndon had a pretty disturbing childhood. His mother left him when he was only three, but his father tried to keep the family together by providing for all his siblings. However, he had to spend his preadolescence in foster care, where he sometimes had to survive on oatmeal and brown gravy. Because of poverty, during his formative years he was often bullied at school for being poor and having to wear the same clothes every day.

Despite his parents’ inability to provide for Bill during childhood, he deeply loved them. He believes that a person always carries the burden of their traumatic past, which hugely affects their decisions throughout their life. That’s why he talks about his mother’s choice of leaving the family was not an act of selfishness. But it was a response to all the traumatic events she went through in her life.

Striving to Do Better at Life

The author believes that when you grow up in traumatic circumstances, you often feel you are born with a deficiency. It feels that everyone around you is way ahead of you in every aspect of life, and you will never be able to compete with the world. However, this mindset restricts you from achieving anything you can as you limit yourself to your past.

Herndon thinks that if you need to break from this cycle, you must aspire to do better in life. When you do not like certain circumstances, make the required efforts to turn them around. Even if it is about something as small as a meal you do not like, you should take charge and strive for better.

Herndon expressed that his determination helped him achieve his goals as a producer and entrepreneur. The nonacceptance of the status quo allowed him to take the required risks to become what he is today. Besides, even after accomplishing so much in life, the author strives to change the status quo every now and then. He has set a target for himself, where he reinvents himself after every five years. This strategy has allowed him to fill various roles, such as producer, director, entrepreneur, music producer, and artist manager.

Dealing with Trauma

In Broken Shackles, Bill Herndon also demonstrated several systems he used to overcome trauma. Firstly, he discusses the power of patience and forgiveness. When we do not get the desired results for our efforts, we often give up on pursuing our goal and blame ourselves, others, or the universe.

However, according to Herndon, it hinders us from efficiently working on ourselves and our goals. That’s why one must firmly believe in their abilities and have patience. Secondly, they need to take responsibility for their actions and take the necessary steps to change their situation.

Apart from that, Herndon illustrated that every failure in your life is not only about suffering. Instead, if you see it with a positive mindset, you can learn a lot from them. They allow you to become a better version of yourself by avoiding what did not work for you. Further, the author discussed how compassion, spirituality, and accountability helped him break the cycle of trauma and transform his life.

Why is Broken Shackles Worth a Read?

Broken Shackles is a book that can resonate with a broader audience because of its themes. The book explores the burning topic of handling trauma and being determined to achieve your goals. That’s why this book can inspire you whether you are an adult or a teenager.

The book tells the story of a person who saw many adversities from a very young age and succeeded in everything he did. It explores the different strategies and systems he used to break free from past traumas and forgive himself and others for the circumstances. Plus, it illustrates how determination and being non-stagnant can help you turn around your life in any situation.

So, if you have seen adversities and feel you are behind everyone else, you should read it to get inspired by Bill Herndon’s life.


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