Unleash Your Potential with Pinnacle TRS: The Ultimate Powerhouse in Massage Roller Systems

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For fitness enthusiasts and athletes who prioritize health, wellness, mobility, and athletic performance, Pinnacle TRS presents a groundbreaking solution. Developed by Dr. Kathy Parmele and Dean Kennedy, Pinnacle TRS is an all-in-one massage roller system that revolutionizes the way we approach muscle recovery and self-care. With its versatility, adjustability, compact design, and unmatched comfort, this innovative product stands out among its competitors. Let’s explore the unique features, benefits, and the inspiring story behind Pinnacle TRS.

Pinnacle TRS is the epitome of versatility in massage roller systems. Unlike traditional rollers that focus on specific muscle groups, Pinnacle TRS allows users to customize the rollers to target their desired muscle groups effectively. Whether you’re a marathoner, triathlete, CrossFit enthusiast, gym-goer, yoga practitioner, cyclist, skier/snowboarder, golfer, or team sports player, this all-in-one system caters to your unique needs.

What sets Pinnacle TRS apart from other products on the market is its unmatched functionality and the multitude of benefits it offers. This revolutionary roller system combines the features of a massage roller, a massage stick, and a wall-mounted unit, providing an ergonomic design that maximizes massage effectiveness with minimal body movement. Its portability and compactness make it the ideal companion for travelers, allowing you to take care of your muscles wherever you go.

In the pursuit of excellence, the founders of Pinnacle TRS, Dr. Kathy Parmele and Dean Kennedy, left no stone unturned. Countless hours were dedicated to designing, testing, and refining the product to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Unlike other rollers on the market, Pinnacle TRS is not just another mass-produced item; it is a labor of love. The founders poured their expertise, passion, and personal experiences as endurance athletes into creating a roller system that surpasses expectations.

Dr. Kathy Parmele, a physician, health coach, and accomplished endurance athlete, understood the importance of muscle recovery firsthand during her training for events like the Ironman triathlon. Frustrated by the lack of a roller that could effectively target all muscles, stay in place during use, and be easily portable, Kathy sketched her ideas on a scrap of paper. When she shared her vision with Dean, a plastic injection tooling engineer and her partner, he recognized the brilliance of her design. Together, they embarked on a journey to bring the Pinnacle TRS to life, combining Kathy’s expertise in health and performance with Dean’s engineering prowess.

The mission of Pinnacle TRS is clear: to provide the most versatile, adjustable, functional, rugged, and portable massage roller system on the market. The founders are dedicated to empowering individuals to push their physical limits and achieve peak performance in their chosen endeavors. Every aspect of the Pinnacle TRS, from its design to its performance, reflects this unwavering commitment to excellence.

Pinnacle TRS is not just another corporate entity; it is a true “mom-and-pop” venture. The brand name, logos, color schemes, and advertisements were developed with the support of friends and family. The love and dedication put into every detail of this brand make it a unique offering in a market dominated by mass-produced products.

Pinnacle TRS, the brainchild of Dr. Kathy Parmele and Dean Kennedy, is a game-changer in the world of massage roller systems. Its versatility, adjustability, compactness, and exceptional comfort make it a must-have.


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