Unitel Group: Driving Mongolia’s Technology Landscape with Nationwide 4G LTE Coverage

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With its vast expanse and population, Mongolia has made significant strides in its technology and landscape sector. The country, situated in the heart of Central Asia, spans 1,564,116 square kilometers, ranking it as the 18th largest country in the world by land mass. As of 2022, an impressive 97.6% of its 3.4 million population own and use mobile phones across the vast and stunning land.

Much like the rest of the world, Mongolians initially had limited knowledge of mobile phones and the internet. However, the first mobile phone made its way to Mongolia in the late 1990s, with the very first mobile operator launching in 1996. A decade later, in 2006, Unitel Group became the country’s third information and communications group, marking significant progress since the introduction of mobile telecommunications.

With its commitment to expanding its network and embracing emerging technologies, Unitel Group is helping to shape the future of Mongolia’s technology landscape.

As one of the country’s largest information and communications companies, Unitel Group has emerged as a key player in Mongolia’s economy and information technology sector, offering a wide range of services that include mobile communications, triple-play service that includes IPTV, internet and landline, satellite communications, broadband network, satellite network, and mobile content. Its comprehensive offerings are making significant contributions to the country’s technology landscape. Mongolia’s vast expanse stretches 2392 kilometers from its western to the eastern edge, with a scattered population residing in this immense territory. 

Mongolia’s unique topology and cultural aspect brought about a special challenge for telecommunication companies in the beginning. Being the only nation in the world with a dominantly nomadic culture, Unitel Group foresaw a critical need for a comprehensive communications system capable of bringing people together.

In 2016, Unitel accomplished a significant feat by being the first to establish a nationwide 4G LTE network across the country, despite the challenging environmental, climatic, and geographical conditions. This achievement placed Mongolia among the 25 countries worldwide that have successfully implemented a 4G LTE network at a national level.

Thanks to the increasing accessibility of information and communication technology, new opportunities and advantages have opened up for Mongolia’s scattered nomadic population, regardless of their proximity to urban or remote areas.

Unitel Group has recently made significant strides in advancing Mongolia’s technology landscape by launching its first test station for the new 5G network in the central square of Ulaanbaatar, the country’s capital, with connection trials taking place across the city and provinces.

With 97.6% of Mongolia’s population owning and using mobile phones, Unitel Group’s nationwide coverage makes it an ideal choice for tourists traveling to remote areas where connectivity can be challenging. From checking emails to navigating unfamiliar terrain using GPS, having access to Unitel Group’s 4G LTE network can enhance any traveler’s experience. For tourists planning to visit Mongolia, Unitel Group is the ideal choice for mobile phone services.

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