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Starting out in any industry can be quite daunting for many. In fact, a lot of people have given up chasing after their dreams after a few run-ins with failure. However, there are those whose passion and perseverance propelled them towards greatness. Here are a few inspiring individuals who have made names for themselves in their respective industries.

1. Oprah
OprahOne of the most distinguished celebrities, Oprah Winfrey is a talk show host, actress, billionaire media executive and philanthropist. She was born in Kosciusko, Mississippi and moved to Baltimore in 1976 where she became the host of People Are Talking.

She has made waves in the entertainment industry through her internationally recognized talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, which ran from 1986 to 2011 with 25 seasons. In 2011, She launched her own TV network, the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).

2. Molly Blakeley
Molly BlakeleyMolly Blakeley is the CEO and Founder of Molly Bz Inc. Her gourmet “boozy” cookie business started with her last $150 as a single mom who had to feed her son. In just over three years, Molly went from hand-mixing cookies in her kitchen in rural Alaska to becoming a national brand. Molly has appeared on Buzzfeed and Wheel Of Fortune, and her products have been featured in International Emmys gift bags, Oscars Gifting Suites, QVC, and Martha Stewart Magazine’s Tips and Trends in May 2022.

Molly Bz cookies are sold in various gourmet and boutique shops in the USA and four other countries, making their way into big box stores and an airline by the fourth quarter of 2022. Molly also launched Cinnapuns, a new clothing line themed with hilarious baking puns and graphics for all ages and genders.

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Website: www.mollybz.com
Instagram: @mollybzcookies

3. Joy Orleans
Joy Orleans has left an enduring mark in the global music industry. Her positive influence garnered her the Celebration of Women’s Community Advocacy Award in 2017, as she continues to inspire positive change all over the world through her music. Apart from being a professional singer, Joy is also a single mother of five who manages to juggle her personal and professional life. Despite the many obstacles she faced throughout her career, she has remained steadfast in pursuing her goals and using her voice for the greater good. Her courage to follow her dreams inspires others to do the same.

Website: www.joyorleans.com
Instagram: @iamjoyorleans

4. Kessa GoodenKessa Gooden
Kessa Gooden is an Author, Motivational Speaker and Philanthropist. Given her ability to speak, Kessa has been motivating and empowering men, women and children worldwide. Kessa Gooden who at the age of 14 years, migrated to the United States and has been on her own since then with no one to lean on. With perseverance, determination and endurance she is self-independent, C.E.O of multiple businesses. She is looking to motivate, empower and be a mentor to those that need to be uplifted… What are your issues, marriage, finance,abuse and relationship? Look no further; I can assure you that this information will mend your challenges, and also put a big smile on your face.

Website: kessagoodenteam.com

Facebook: Kessa Gooden

5. Thomas Paxton Whitaker
Thomas Paxton WhitakerThomas is an American poet, writer, composer, musician, engineer, producer, rapper, artist, and entrepreneur. He is the founder, owner, president, and CEO of Rook Enterprises/Fortress Records. He was born in Carrollton, Georgia, and comes from a dominantly Scottish and Hebrew ancestry. Thomas is a father, as well as a grandfather, and he believes God, and family, come above all.

Website: www.thomaspaxonwhitaker.com
Instagram: @thomaspaxtonwhitaker

6. Sophy SuSophy SuSophy is the Owner of Sophisticated Snake LLC. Sophy’s firm brings simple answers to modern company communications, and focuses on cutting through the needless red-tapes and corporate bureaucracies that plagues companies. A first generation immigrant, Sophy is highly passionate about professional growth and helping others succeed. She has helped numerous companies double their KPI, and is now focused her effort on the clean energy industry, partnering with solar startup Solar101.US. Her take-no-prisoner attitude and direct approach has made Sophisticated Snake LLC one of the fastest growing consulting firms on the West Coast, and Sophy one of the top self-made entrepreneurs of 2022. 

Website: Solar101.US

7. Endy ZhouEndy ZhouFirst generation immigrant, Endy is a self-made Entrepreneur who has launched the biggest online solar platform in California during the pandemic. Since launch, Solar101 has become the biggest player in remote solar sales and become a budding power player in the solar energy industry through Endy’s unrelenting desire for innovation and success. Endy implemented simple but effective initiatives that have thrusted Solar101 onto the radar, cementing Solar101’s solid spot on the map in the clean energy industry. In 2021, Solar101 was considered the top online Solar platform for California, and that feat is inseparable from its owner Endy Zhou. 

Website: Solar101.US

Social Media: @solar101us

8. Inesa Ponomariovaite
Inesa PonomariovaiteInesa Ponomariovaite is a Chicago-based holistic health expert and founder of Nesas Hemp. Drawing on the work ethic that she developed as a child, she slowly began to build her life but was knocked down after her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Determined to save her mother, she began exploring holistic practices and products, looking for anything that offered solutions. Along the way, Inesa was introduced to the grow lol ing cannabis industry and found the medicinal properties in CBD, but it failed to live up to its promises. Seeing how the industry has been misrepresenting plant and healing compounds, Inesa decided to launch her own company called Nesa’s Hemp, which provides the cleanest, safest, and most effective product on the market. The brand is now a dominant player in the CBDa hemp oil industry and is helping people to overcome pain, stress, anxiety, and other mental and physical ailments.

Website: https://www.nesashemp.com
Instagram: @nesashemp

9. Juceno
Juceno is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, coach, and influencer. He is the founder of Boogie Luxury, Boogie Apparel, and the Grind With A 9-5 Podcast. Juceno’s main goal is to become a fashion designer that is respected in the industry and one day have his own store in locations around the world. He recently started a podcast in order to help entrepreneurs before they start. The “Grind With A 9-5 Podcast” will be the hub for anyone looking into being an entrepreneur. Juceno will explain his journey and bring guest to share their experience. You can expect to laugh and learn in your pursuit for entrepreneurship.

Website: juceno.com

Social Media: instagram.com/officialjuceno; https://www.instagram.com/9to5podcast

10. Lady JB OwenLady JB OwenLady JB Owen is the Founder and CEO of Ignite, the leader in empowerment publishing, legacy mentorship and brand development. Ignite is doing something no one else in the industry is doing: taking everyday people who have had life-changing moments and showing them how to share their experiences through writing with the intention of uplifting others, then publishing these powerful stories of personal IGNITE moments in books designed to positively impact the world! Ignite guides its authors through an easily digestible step-by-step writing and editing process that yields a transformative experience not just for the author but for everyone who reads their story. Having served over 700 published authors, 27 books in over 12 countries, Lady JB is officially launching her first feature length film “Ignite Humanity” which is aligned with her vision to positively impact 8 billion people around the world!

Website: JBOwen.website; ignite.life

Instagram: jb_owen_

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