Stand Out and Lead: A Conversation With Zachary Bernard, CEO of We Feature You PR, on Utilizing PR to Become an Industry Authority

Stand Out and Lead: A Conversation With Zachary Bernard, CEO of We Feature You PR, on Utilizing PR to Become an Industry Authority
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Becoming an industry authority isn’t just about excelling in your field. It’s also about ensuring that people know you excel—that you’re not just an expert but *the* expert. Zachary Bernard, Founder of We Feature You PR, firmly believes that public relations can be the linchpin in this transformation. 

“The path to authority is built on credibility, visibility, and value. PR can deliver all three,” Zachary explains. So how exactly does one utilize PR to climb the ladder from industry professional to industry authority? Let’s dig in.

Be the Voice, Not Just the Echo

First and foremost, you need to have something to say. “It’s not enough to be knowledgeable,” Zachary points out. “You have to be insightful, even provocative. You want to be the voice leading the conversation, not just echoing common sentiments.”

Being a thought leader means having opinions, perspectives, and most importantly, original research or theories. Once you’ve got the ‘what’ to say, PR helps you find the ‘where’ to say it. “This is where being featured in notable publications comes into play,” Zachary adds. “You can have the most groundbreaking insights, but if you’re only sharing them on your personal blog, their reach is limited.”

Pick Your Platforms Wisely

According to Zachary, one of the common mistakes people make is spreading themselves too thin. “You don’t need to be everywhere; you need to be where your audience is. Whether it’s a byline in an industry journal or a guest spot on a popular podcast, choose platforms that align with your field and expertise.”

He also emphasizes the need for quality over quantity. “It’s better to have in-depth, meaningful contributions in a handful of key places rather than superficial appearances everywhere.”

Leverage Your Coverage

Once you start gaining media coverage, the next step is to make it work for you. “Every media mention, every interview, every op-ed becomes part of your portfolio,” Zachary says. He suggests adding a ‘Media’ or ‘As Featured In’ section to your website, sharing your media appearances on social channels, and even mentioning them in your email signature.

“This is your social proof,” Zachary explains. “When potential clients or partners come across these references, they’re not just seeing you; they’re seeing an industry authority.”

Integrate PR into Your Marketing

Your PR wins can, and should, be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Zachary recommends using your media coverage as content in newsletters, or as a basis for webinars or roundtable discussions. “Your aim should be to create an ecosystem where your PR and marketing efforts are not just aligned but are mutually reinforcing.”

Consistency is Key

Lastly, Zachary points out that becoming an authority is not a one-time gig; it’s an ongoing process. “Consistency is key. Keep sharing your insights, keep participating in important discussions, and keep pushing the boundaries. That’s how you evolve from being a one-hit-wonder to a lasting authority.”

In Summary: Your Blueprint to Authority

“In today’s saturated market, standing out is no longer optional; it’s essential,” Zachary concludes. “And if done right, PR can be your secret weapon, elevating you from an industry professional to an industry authority.”

So if you’re looking to take your professional standing to the next level, perhaps it’s time to take a leaf out of Zachary’s book and think about how a strategic PR approach can help you stand out and lead.


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