Sneak Peek into the Future of Craft Beer and Seltzer with Brand turn

Sneak Peek into the Future of Craft Beer and Seltzer with Brand turn
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Since its inception, the stellar Southern California company, turn, has revolutionized consumer expectations in the cannabis market. Known primarily for its refreshing cannabis oil flavors, the distinctive turn podpak, and the practical turn disposable vape pen, turn has consistently proven its innovation time and time again. Today, we stand on the brink of a new era – with turn poised to make 2024 a year of unprecedented growth and boundary-breaking expansion.

Certainly, turn aficionados will be thrilled to hear that their favorite products are being revitalized and expanded. All-new vaping hardware delivering 2ml of oil in a sleek pen form is ready to hit the market. Pre-rolls are getting a makeover, too, in turn creating an exciting, tantalizing new line of curated pre-rolls that fans can look forward to. Beyond this, turn is launching, a sister site specifically dedicated to hemp-derived products. 

Also stirring up anticipation are the much-heralded 100% live resin turnpens, rumored collaborations, and intriguing new partnerships. Mirroring its reputation for spectacular giveaways, turn is gearing up for its next grand tour destination slated for 2024. Following the dizzying success of their Tokyo Rosé giveaway, one can only wonder – who will be the lucky family to pack their bags this time? 

Yet, the palpable excitement surrounding turn is not limited to expanding their existing range. In fact, the real buzz pivots around their exploration into uncharted territory. Deftly navigating through the haze of anticipation, turn has been operating at full throttle, aligning its trajectory toward new product categories for 2024.

One such forthcoming invention catching the spotlight is turntonic – the entrant from turn into the craft beer and seltzer market. With it, turn aims to bring its unique identity and stellar product quality into the alcohol industry, crafting a niche for enthusiasts who appreciate quality and innovation.

Simultaneously, turn is set to launch a merchandise line that caters to both people and their pets. Moreover, turn is also expanding the realm of active lifestyle products by releasing turnTHCv capsules, ideal for anyone looking to amp up their game – whether it’s surfing, skating or casual sports. 

Coupled with groundbreaking new flavors, there is no doubt that turn is revolutionizing not just cannabis-based products, but lifestyle and wellness products overall.

As turn gears up to enter multiple new arenas, their mission remains steadfast – to offer customers unparalleled experiences. As their motto goes, it’s your turn – a sentiment that is seemingly embedded in turn’s DNA, reflecting their commitment to crafting customer-centric journeys.

2024 is projected to be turn’s most transformative year yet, a year set to redefine industry standards and harvest new successes. As they edge closer to this milestone, one thing is clear – turn is not just a cannabis brand. It’s an embodiment of a progressive, all-round lifestyle choice.

Get your turn podpak, turn disposable vapes, and turn merchandise and experience the signature quality of this revolutionary brand that is fast becoming one of the hottest, sought-after names not only in the cannabis industry but far beyond.

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