Organic Brand Smooth Like Jas, LLC Encourages Its Consumers to Be More Intentional with Their Skincare Purchases

Skincare has undeniably grown faster than any other sector of the beauty industry. Beauty retailers online and offline have reported tremendous growth in skincare sales year after year. The industry’s upward trajectory can be attributed in large part to consumers’ increasing desire for self-care and health-promoting products, their growing fascination with routines and regimens, their ability to become more quickly empowered and informed by social media, and, perhaps most importantly, their ability to use new technology to make tough decisions when interacting with skincare brands.

However, despite readily available information on the internet, some people still manage to get misled by products labeled as natural or organic but have ingredients and preservatives that are not healthy for the skin and hair. Memphis-based entrepreneur Jasmine Kelly aims to perpetuate this consumer behavior of examining the ingredients for products that we put into our hair and skin. Jasmine has made it her mission to educate people on the role of the skin, teach them how to heal skin problems naturally, and provide a healthy alternative for all the products used by most.

Jasmine released an all-natural line of skin and hair products under her brand Smooth Like Jas, LLC, which are made with five ingredients or less. This ensures they work better than other brands with twice as many ingredients. In addition, each ingredient is chosen for those with highly sensitive skin. Jasmine believes that skincare and haircare are basic necessities for everyone, so she wanted her brand to be inclusive and appealing to all genders and ages.

Loyal to her advocacy, the brand not only creates quality products that help with people’s skin and hair problems but also promotes awareness of how to eliminate these problems for good. Jasmine stresses the importance of using products without toxins or harmful components with the help of her skincare line. Jasmine wants people to be more aware of how toxic in some products can be if used without adequately considering their composition and their compatibility with each person’s preferences and conditions.

Testament to the brand’s efficacy, Smooth Like Jas, LLC’s Etsy shop has received a whopping five-star average rating with 122 reviews. Not only are her buyers raving about the quality and texture of the products, but they are also completely enamored by their delicious and unique fragrances. For instance, the brand’s edible body butter has received positive comments about its moisturizing quality and long-lasting scent. Smooth Like Jas has served its loyal customers for over two years, with a booming online shop and the biggest kiosk in the Wolfchase Mall to show for it.

“I see my products being one of the most trusted and preferred natural brands in households and, like, businesses,” Jasmine shares. “Hopefully, people will understand the importance of caring for their body with natural products.”

The market is now more inclined to resort to natural remedies that will undo and repair accumulated skin problems since people are more conscious of how pollution, sun protection, and stress impact the quality and aging of the skin. Consumers being more health and wellness-conscious is not a deterrent but rather a catalyst for the growth of not only Jasmine’s plant-based skincare empire but of the whole industry.


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