Smart Eats: Providing A Lifeline With Iron Lift, A New Solution For Low Iron

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Smart Eats, the leading company providing power nutrition for low iron, proudly announces their launch of Iron Lift, the first complete nutrition powder designed specifically to combat low iron and iron-deficiency anemia. 

Low iron is the world’s most common nutrient deficiency. It causes fatigue, brain fog, hair loss, and countless other problems, but simple treatment options are limited to taking a pill or drinking something gross. For many, these treatments cause bad side effects like constipation, nausea and indigestion. The result is that millions of people live with the malaise of low iron rather than deal with the side-effects of treatment. 

Smart Eats believes that fixing low iron can be easy and enjoyable, and they prove it with their new “Designed by Doctors” supplement. Iron Lift is the first product that delivers iron in a tasty powder including protein, fiber, and more. It’s made for people who struggle with iron pills or other forms of iron.

Iron Lift is manufactured to improve absorption and reduce side-effects. During production, the powder is made into an emulsion that leads to controlled iron release at the small intestine – the body’s primary iron absorption site. Due to this mechanism, Iron Lift improves absorption and avoids the gastrointestinal problems that plague many iron supplements.

Customers trust Smart Eats due to their thoughtful recipes. With its comprehensive approach and commitment to scientific integrity, the brand ensures that every product meets the highest standards for nutrition, taste, and efficacy. To overcome iron’s metallic taste, Iron Lift has a delicious Cookies & Cream flavor. To address multifaceted causes of low iron, Iron Lift includes anti-inflammatory and prebiotic nutrients that fight against factors reducing iron absorption. Smart Eats labels also include novel recipe keys that transparently inform readers about otherwise-confusing ingredients. 

Founder Jake Rabinowitz, PhD, is proud of the unique aspects of their product, “All these improvements are how we made Iron Lift accessible to people who dislike iron supplements. People are most shocked that we actually made iron taste good. No one believed we could do that.” 

This breakthrough solution lets customers boost their iron levels in creative ways and avoid “supplement fatigue.” Iron Lift can be used as a solo drink, as the powder that brings together a smoothie, or as a topping with cereal, oatmeal, and yogurt. It is perfect after a workout, in place of a snack, or as part of a healthy breakfast.

Smart Eats’ impressive team has the credentials to back up their innovation. Their doctors include founder Jake Rabinowitz, PhD, a highly cited researcher and successful product developer; co-founder Simon Rabinowitz, MD/PhD, a lauded pediatric GI who uses nutrition to improve his patients’ outcomes, bringing invaluable knowledge from his extensive career and practical diet management and synergistic treatments; board member Nagendra Rangavajla, PhD, a FACN food scientist who has developed world-renowned nutrition therapies; and board member Jaleh Daie, PhD, a noted biologist, entrepreneur, and Agfood tech investor.


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