Here’s How you Can Truly Scale Up your Income and Impact: Divina Caballo

For many people, financial independence remains a distant dream all their life. Their perspective: No matter what I do, I’ll never be as financially independent as I dream. They owe it to circumstances and their own choices, and while those factors play a vital role, they aren’t the only ones. Mindset coach Divina Caballo started her company FreeSpirit to help people understand that financial success can be activated by seeing money as energy flow which, when healed, can flow exponentially.

For Divina, one of the biggest reasons that keep financial independence from materializing in one’s life is “because there is unknown blocked energy you’re not aware of. This is why manifestation practices haven’t yet worked for you. This applies to all aspects of your life which are looking to heal and grow, including your income.” In her unconventional approach, Divina has created a model that “predictably helps you grow your revenues to unlimited income that you desire. It all starts with the subconscious beliefs and blocks to remove all the limitations. It also deals with any super-conscious blocks of creativity and higher wisdom for your life purpose and we deal with that also through the program.”

The program is a three-fold approach that helps people go deeper within themselves and see the inner obstacles at work. Once the obstacles or blocked energies are recognized, Divina teaches her clients how to remove them and let their true light shine through. She tells her clients that “the best version of your life and the results of your life always correlate to how much the best version of you has been unblocked. It always starts with working and growing the three minds. Super-conscious, conscious and unconscious, and we have the most cutting-edge technology on the planet to do that.”

Divina encourages people to love what they do, not give up and hold true to their purpose if they wish to scale up their income. She says, “if you’re doing something that you love, and you don’t let fear get in the way, and you give it your all, that love and that passion is what’s going to keep you going to make it happen.” She adds, “I want you to remember that you came here for a reason. If you know your purpose and are still struggling to expand and make the money you deserve, don’t give up!” And most importantly, “If you love it, choose to look for those fear-based thoughts, and change your perspective to love. And I believe your passion is why you’re here and it can come to manifestation and abundance.”

Divina encourages people not to lose their faith in themselves when it comes to making an impact. As a word of caution, she adds, “When you don’t trust or believe in yourself, you can attract others that try to take advantage of your lack of belief.”

With Divina’s guidance, you can now indeed scale up your income and impact.



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