SaySay’s Protégé Women With a New Chapter in Their Lives as They Host Events and Provide a Memorable Experience

For many years, women dressing however they want has constantly stirred controversy as other women frown upon them while men objectify them. However, the times have changed, and people’s mindsets have shifted towards a more progressive outlook on life, clamoring for positivity and confidence and abandoning the old way of thinking. Brisha Henderson is an entrepreneur and bartender who has been helping other women feel sexy and confident through her company SaySay’s Protégé.

Brisha Henderson built her brand when she realized how exhausted she was from working a job that never felt fulfilling. She was tired of coming home from the monotonous daily routine. Henderson sought to do something that was not just exciting but also allowed her to help others. She decided to abandon her job on a whim and instead delved into bartending. There she found what was missing.

After making the switch, Henderson could live out a new kind of adventure that excited her. Being a bartender, she could pay the bills, make ends meet, go out more with her flexible schedule, and meet other people. Henderson also met colorful individuals behind the bar as she attended to their liquor. Many women expressed their desire to trade places with her and work behind the bar. 

With more free time on her hands than before, Henderson started developing an idea for a brand. She took inspiration from the people that she met. Taking into account what they all had in common, Henderson realized they were not that different and saw the same desires she had before changing her career. Whether they were entrepreneurs, models, actors, or working mothers, they were all unsatisfied with how their lives were going and wanted to do something that could rejuvenate their spirits. From that thought, Henderson created SaySay’s Protégé.

SaySay’s Protege is a recently established company that thrives in social events, specializing in unique party ideas and implementing different themes to spice up social gatherings. The company acts as a sisterhood filled with a diverse group of women who have the means to deliver a one-of-a-kind party that leaves guests with an unforgettable experience. 

As a company that provides its clients with their hosting needs, Protégé takes pride in its team and its ability to create a night to remember. Henderson takes pride in slipping the girls into bunny costumes as it allows them to flaunt their beauty and confidence. She assures her clients that they are not exotic dancers, surprising them when she explains that they have other occupations. 

Clients are presented with different themes. Although Henderson has settled on Bunnies as their staple theme, she also offers Biker Girls, Angels, and Santa’s Elves. Regardless, SaySay’s Protégé aims to deliver their best with each gig, creating a night that allows organizations to enjoy the vibes of beautiful women from different backgrounds. 

Brisha Henderson hopes that SaySay’s Protégé will become the top choice for corporations and organizations to meet their needs for get-togethers and other events. While they have already made their mark in five different states, Henderson foresees her brand extending its services throughout the United States.

Learn more about SaySay’s Protégé by visiting their official website. You can also reach out to them through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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