PaddleSmash: The Journey of Joe Bingham, Tim Swindle and Scott Brown to Create a Revolutionary Outdoor Game

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PaddleSmash is an innovative new game that combines elements of pickleball and roundnet. A structural engineer from Utah named Joe Bingham was constantly looking for new and healthy ways to keep his seven kids entertained. When they took a liking to pickleball, he knew building a court in the backyard wasn’t feasible, so he started to experiment with different ideas for them to play at home. That started his quest to create a portable and scalable version of the game that could be played anywhere. 

After months of trial and error, he finally came up with a version that his kids loved playing, and word soon spread around the neighborhood. The idea behind PaddleSmash was born. 

The game was then brought to life by Tim Swindle and Scott Brown, who are close friends and serial entrepreneurs in the toy and game space. They were immediately drawn to Joe’s idea for PaddleSmash and decided to work together to create a version of the game that is durable, portable, and that could be mass-produced.   

As outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for sports, Swindle and Brown were highly motivated to bring this sport to market. After months of tweaking the design and perfecting the gameplay, they were ready for the world to meet PaddleSmash. 

We sat down with co-founder Tim Swindle to discuss the challenges of creating a new game and building a brand around it, as well as the strategies they use to market and promote the game to potential customers.

One of the biggest challenges that PaddleSmash faced in getting off the ground was awareness. With so many other games and products available in the marketplace, the company had to work hard to stand out and differentiate itself from the competition. The market saturation was particularly challenging in the early stages of the company, as they were working to create a product that was not only innovative and exciting but also mass-producible and portable.

To promote their game, PaddleSmash has been active on various social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. They have been trying to find influencers in the pickleball space who can create content for the brand and help raise awareness among potential customers. By leveraging social media, the company hopes to gain exposure to its game and showcase the unique elements that set it apart from other outdoor games.

The game is recommended for players 14 and older, and the company has taken steps to ensure that their game is safe and enjoyable for players from various age groups, and use only manufacturers that insist on using high-quality materials to ensure the product is sturdy and safe for its players.

Balancing the demands of running a business and developing a new, high-quality product can be a challenge. A balance needs to exist between promoting and growing the brand, and creating that product. Still, the PaddleSmash team has been able to handle it by staying organized and focused on their goals. They set priorities with deadlines and make sure everyone on the team is aware of what needs to be done and when. Their team of experienced professionals works seamlessly together to ensure that everything runs smoothly so they can offer the best possible product to their customers.

Like many others bringing an idea to life in a crowded market, the two entrepreneurs faced many challenges in getting PaddleSmash off the ground. Business acumen, tenacity and old-fashioned grit culminated to create and produce a new and exciting outdoor game that gives outdoor enthusiasts, pickleball lovers, families, and others a unique and enjoyable experience.



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