Life Coach Angela Diaz Takes the Opportunity to Join Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour

Athletes are naturally gifted with the ability to play certain sports, but to improve their style of play or fitness, they usually turn to coaches’ guidance. Likewise, people generally look to life coaches to strengthen key aspects they believe need polishing. As a life coach, Angela Diaz has a mission is to help others refine areas of their life to become a more wholesome version of themselves. She has been given the opportunity to speak on a broader platform thanks to Shawn Fair.

Shawn Fair is a renowned motivational speaker and expert in corporate leadership, business development coaching, and more. He often speaks to his audience and shares his life experiences from personal and business perspectives. Shawn has impacted millions of professionals worldwide through his company Fair Consulting Group. With his company, Shawn has been providing others with a blueprint of his leadership skills. 

Understanding the need to share his knowledge with others, Shawn decided to engineer a Leadership Experience Tour coaching program. Because of the comprehensive platform he has created, Shawn Fair has invited outstanding speakers to join him on tour to share their stories. Angela Diaz is among the chosen speakers who is set to join Shawn on tour this year.

Angela Diaz is a life coach whose mission is to help others in their journey towards changing certain aspects of their lives as they pursue their dreams. Diaz helps her clients get through their personal challenges, careers, and relationships, primarily guiding people uncertain of their life’s direction. She also eases them through any financial problems, protecting them from collections, late payments, repossessions, bankruptcies, and more.

Before becoming a life coach, Diaz spent eighteen years serving as a United States Navy Sailor. There she was able to travel the world and truly experience the different highs and lows of life. Diaz decided to take a new venture. She settled for working as a life coach, having been around and gone through many ordeals. 

Angela Diaz wanted to create a platform that could allow her to make a positive impact on others. For as long as she could remember, the life coach always had a strong penchant for helping others. She believes that she was born to be a life coach. Diaz established Ardent Life Solutions, a company that continues Diaz’s mission to help anyone in need of an accountability coach when it comes to getting their financial and personal goals back on track. 

Ardent Life Solutions is a platform that allows people to know that help is available and affordable. Diaz designed her company to have a user-friendly interface.

Despite being established in October 2020, Angela Diaz made an immediate impact and caught the renowned speaker and coach Shawn Fair’s attention. When he saw her ability to speak, he invited her to join the Leadership Experience Tour and grace the stage with other outstanding speakers on April 10, 2021, at the Embassy Suites by Hilton in Troy, Michigan. 

With an immense opportunity like this, Angela Diaz hopes to establish her name and Ardent Life Solutions as a household name in the United States. She also has her sights on expanding her brand worldwide.

To learn more about Angela Diaz, you may visit her website. You can also reach out to her on Instagram.


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