Lee Mariano on Being Chosen to Speak Her Truth at Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour

Since the introduction of his Leadership Experience Tour, globally acknowledged leader Shawn Fair has been giving aspiring speakers the platform they need to send across their messages and insights. Being the only platform in the United States that bridges budding speakers with industry frontrunners, the tour allows such individuals to share their moving stories and inspire those on the lookout for professional and personal development. As a matter of fact, Lee Mariano, one of the chosen speakers, wishes to shed light on the nitty-gritty of pursuing dreams and accomplishing goals. 

Widely acknowledged for his business acumen and leadership flair, Shawn Fair is the brilliant mind behind numerous ventures and empowerment-driven initiatives. This expert believes that the possibility of transforming lives cannot be attained without compassionate leaders committed to the unyielding gift of inspiring others. For this reason, he has chosen dynamic life enthusiast Lee Mariano as one of the speakers for his Leadership Experience Tour. 

More than being an influential figure, Lee Mariano also serves as the much-needed voice for aspirants and dreamers from all walks of life. On a mission to spark action and inspire passion, she proves to have championed the principle of genuine leadership with exceptional grace. 

Armed with her distinctive approach to engaging, motivating, and empowering women, Lee Mariano now wields her considerable power and influence to help others stand up for themselves. At the core of her leadership, she strives to give the oppressed the justice they deserve and the voice to make them heard. 

Aside from being a renowned speaker, Lee Mariano is also known for being a published author, a sought-after business guru, and the esteemed founder and CEO of Alexidom Coaching, which is a multifaceted coaching specialty grounded in helping clients to increase their self-confidence, reclaim their personal power, and rediscover their identity. 

Standing at the helm of Alexidom Coaching, Lee Mariano goes the extra mile to cater to the needs of aspiring individuals and to mold them into the best versions of themselves. With her well-reputed 23-year career as a C-Suite executive and senior human resources leader, she has shown that her tenure in people management and career coaching is quintessential. Indeed, this business luminary is equipped with the dedication and insight necessary to help clients transform their lives. 

In an interview, Lee Mariano talked about the principles and values she lives by. “My mantra is simple and consists of only three things—show up with confidence, speak with authority, and get things done,” she shared. Determined to leave a purpose-driven and passion-filled legacy, the laudable figure merges an ability to help others with a deep sentiment for education, authorship, and communal service. 

As one of the foremost advocates of women empowerment, USA Today Bestselling Author Lee Mariano is not afraid of writing about domestic violence. Being a former victim of such abuse, she uses her tale of survival to influence others and encourage them to reinvent themselves and speak their truths. Above anything else, she wants women to stop hiding behind the ridiculous labels that society has placed on them. 

“Even though I have lived a life of success, I also knew that my purpose in life was larger than working for a large corporation and only serving that population. For me, it was that I provide service and support to women, particularly those of color, who did not have access to coaches to help them change their life and level up their careers,” Lee Mariano explained. 

Now that she is chosen as one of the dynamic speakers in Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour, she is able to turn her dream of touching lives and uplifting women into reality. 

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