Kelly Kubicek, the Industry Leader Behind Fulcrum HR Consulting

Countless thought leaders and visionaries have graced industries of the past and present. Even today, there is no shortage of exemplary go-getters and powerhouses whose contributions have advanced their respective fields. Given this saturation, it could prove difficult for anyone to stand out and make their own mark. However, for HR expert Kelly Kubicek, securing a spot at the forefront of her sector was made possible, thanks not only to her acumen and decades of experience but also to her heavy emphasis on the human aspect of human resources and the premium she places on transparency. Currently spearheading the rise of Fulcrum HR Consulting, she is going all-out to redefine what it means to practice HR. 

With nearly two decades of experience under her belt, Kelly has proven herself an authority in the industry. Throughout her career, she has operated under the overarching mission to make human resources more transparent. Armed with this goal, she pushed for an approach that puts people and employees at the heart of the HR discipline. 

This go-to consultant, whose long list of accomplishments includes consolidating the entirety of over 9,000 Nebraska state employees in one system in under 12 months, has consistently observed and advocated for practices that transformed the field of human resources into a more welcoming, inclusive, diverse, and transparent space. A firm believer in promoting self-development in workplaces and encouraging employees to be self-accountable, Kelly assisted companies in not only updating their approaches to human resources but also in maximizing the potential of the employees under their wing. 

As a well-respected and in-demand HR consultant, Kelly brought considerable value to the table, the kind that helped birth departments that are modern, efficient, and effective in attracting and retaining the talent needed for a company to outperform its competition. Eventually, she capitalized on her expertise and extensive experience to launch Fulcrum HR Consulting, a trusted firm designed to provide cost-effective solutions to businesses that need a hand in maintaining their day-to-day HR functions, such as hiring, optimizing talent, developing leaders, compensation planning, payroll processing, and more. 

At Fulcrum HR Consulting, Kelly and her team of professionals believe that old-fashioned generic HR is outdated and nearly worthless in the face of today’s evolving business landscape. So, instead of clinging to conventional practices that no longer work, they focus on ROI and wield the power of digital technology to save time, increase productivity, attain higher retention rates, and successfully recruit talent. 

Apart from leading Fulcrum HR Consulting and propelling it toward the top, Kelly is also known for an initiative that she ran for the state of Nebraska. She was able to demonstrate her prowess by accomplishing what many thought was nearly impossible: consolidating 17 departments of state employees into one streamlined system. Her success with this particular task resulted in savings of thousands of dollars in salaries and administrative costs for the state.

Despite having snagged numerous achievements, Kelly Kubicek shows no sign of slowing down. The acclaimed CEO is set to remain in the limelight in the years to come and at the helm of more game-changing innovations. 

About Kelly Kubicek

Kelly Kubicek, CEO of Fulcrum HR Consulting, is on a mission to make HR more transparent. Fulcrum HR Consulting boasts vast HR experience, including accomplishments such as consolidating the entirety of over 9000 Nebraska state employees in one system in under 12 months and extensive work in Human Capital efforts. To discover how to uplevel your HR Process visit 


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