Jose Morales and His Motivation to Change to World Through the Jose Morales Boxing Academy

Jose Morales
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To put up a thriving enterprise for profit and fame is one thing, but to use it to hone people’s skills and impact the community is another. Born with a passion for making a difference, Sacramento-based boxing coach and gym owner Jose Morales plans to revolutionize the sport of boxing with a focus on community and financial stability for those in the industry.

Jose Morales Boxing Academy, the only boxing gym in the world where experienced boxers and soccer moms can train together, boasts of its revolutionary new development program designed to not only create great boxers in the ring but also great leaders in all aspects of life.

The academy, which prides itself on its welcoming and family-friendly environment, has created a ten-level Warrior Program that focuses on health, life, and business skills as well as boxing technique. This program is unique in the boxing world, as most gyms focus solely on fitness rather than personal development.

Jose M
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Founder Jose Morales saw firsthand the problems facing the boxing industry, including coaches struggling to make a living and gyms closing down, and was determined to find a solution. By prioritizing the mental, spiritual, and confidence gains that come with boxing, Jose Morales Boxing Academy aims to create a more sustainable and fulfilling future for those in the industry.

In addition to its development program, the academy also offers competition teams and traditional fitness classes. Jose Morales Boxing Academy encourages those interested in the sport to come and see the transformative power of boxing for themselves.

Born in Jalisco, Mexico and raised in Sacramento by a single mother, Jose Morales faced numerous challenges growing up as an undocumented immigrant. However, at the age of 13, Jose found solace in the sport of boxing and went on to compete in 58 amateur bouts before a hand injury ended his career.

Determined to remain involved in the industry he loved, Jose Morales turned to coaching and eventually opened his own gym, aptly named Jose Morales Boxing Academy, in the suburbs of Sacramento in 2015. Despite initial struggles, Jose was able to scale the business and establish the Warrior Program. His establishment also offers training programs for youths and adults getting into the sport, ensuring well-rounded services that can cater to individuals of all ages.

Since opening, the gym has seen numerous boxers compete at both the amateur and professional levels and has also inspired hundreds of members to discover a passion for fitness through boxing.

However, Jose Morales is not content to stop there. He has big plans for the future of the sport, including creating financial stability for those seeking careers in the industry, establishing protections and structure for boxers, and fostering a diverse, community-based environment around the sport.

Jose Morales hopes to inspire others with his journey from struggling immigrant to successful gym owner and boxing coach and to use his platform to bring about positive change in the world of boxing.


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