Jordan Feinstein’s Baked Bags Introduces Edible Treat Coned

To rise through the ranks as an entrepreneur in today’s cut-throat and highly saturated commercial space is no easy feat. However, despite the odds, Jordan Feinstein has managed to stand out and secure a coveted spot in the limelight by keeping his finger on the market’s pulse and staying tuned to the changes—or lack thereof—in the economic, political, and social landscape. Thanks to his astute observations of the gaps in the cannabis market, a space known for its astronomical growth in recent years, he was able to transform a seedling of an idea to close that gap into what would become a number 1 Delta-8 THC edible brand redefining edibles. Under his guidance, Baked Bags is now emerging as an industry leader, propelled to the top by its signature product line, Coned. 

A fresh graduate from the University of Arizona, Jordan Feinstein is a young go-getter who is already demonstrating the potential to dominate the entrepreneurial realm one day. Like countless other well-accomplished figures, he found inspiration from a seemingly mundane moment. As he was finishing off a drumstick ice cream, it hit home that the end of the cone could serve as a satisfying edible snack. But while others would shrug off the realization, the Baked Bags founder utilized it as the impetus behind the creation of an edible treats company. 

Before translating the vision of a cannabis-centered business into reality, Jordan Feinstein poured his time and resources first into gaining an in-depth understanding of the hemp and cannabis space, an extensive effort that resulted in the discovery that there is a notable lack of innovative THC-infused edible products in the market. The launch of Baked Bags in February of 2021 was then inevitable. 

Currently, Jordan Feinstein’s brainchild boasts a sought-after product. Coned, a bag of six delicious mini-waffle cones filled with chocolate, offers customers an absolute experience. These mini sugar cones, which are all filed with rich Delta-8 THC chocolate, come in two nostalgic flavors: milk chocolate and cookies and cream. A marriage of a fun dessert and a unique adult treat, Coned provides 150mg of Delta-8 THC in each bag, a naturally existing cannabinoid found in hemp that can deliver a calm, psychoactive feeling when consumed. 

Right now, the Los Angeles-based venture is gaining acclaim not only for bringing to the table a tasty treat that is legal in 36 states but also for placing a heavy premium on advancing the local and global movement that makes Delta-8 THC legal and accessible to everyone. Additionally, the fast-growing brand has succeeded in cementing its position at the summit for its emphasis on quality products and all-out attitude toward providing a host of opportunities for its employees and partners who have made it possible for Coned to earn prominence. 

In the years to come, more product lines are expected to follow the trail blazed by Coned in the cannabis industry as Baked Bags, and Jordan Feinstein continues to religiously operate under the mission of helping people enhance their lives physically, creatively, and emotionally through the responsible use of Delta-8 THC. 

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