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It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to speak to James Sutcliffe the newly appointed CIO of Seven20. James recently made the move to Seven20 after an incredibly fruitful year working as Head of Partnerships at Seven20 affiliate Pixelynx which recently was acquired by Animoca Brands. James has been working at the intersection of music, brands and technology for over 15 years and we wanted to find out more about what his new role will look like in the future of Seven20.

Firstly, we’d love to know more about you and your journey. Who is James?

I guess I have always been involved in music throughout my career. It’s a passion which has led me on the path I find myself now. Before I started at Seven20 I had served as Global Head of music at LIVENow and was at one time the Director of Music and Marketing for Monster Energy which were both amazing experiences. I had the opportunity to work with amazing artists like Dua Lipa, Stormzy, SZA and Post Malone. And as a music fan first and foremost that was a dream come true.

More recently I was Head of Partnerships at Pixelynx which is how I entered the Seven20 ecosystem in the first place. I joined Pixelynx to establish a global partnerships framework with the music industry and managed to help achieve that goal with a number of high profile partnerships. I was one of the first senior hires and really saw most of the journey up to the recent acquisition.

Tell us a bit about your new role at Seven20 and how that came about?

The move across really happened organically. I had developed and grown a really great partnerships team at Pixelynx that are practically self-sustaining now and this new position at Seven20 arose which seemed a perfect strategic fit. Obviously Pixelynx are Seven20 partners so everything fell into place very naturally. I will still remain as an advisor for Pixelynx as it’s a project I am heavily invested in and will work on, just now from the side of Seven20.

This new role will see me heavily involved in business development, as well as helping the Seven20 group expand its operations both traditionally and through new innovation such as web3 technology. It’s an incredibly exciting opportunity to get to work with Dean who is someone I have always admired from afar and I’m very grateful to be part of the team.

What does the future look like for James and Seven20?

The really exciting thing about Seven20 is there isn’t really a ceiling. The business has been built incredibly well up to this point and now we are really focused on what we can now do with what has been built. The most valuable thing is that as a company Seven20 has access to some incredible IP. So when you combine that with the pioneering partners we have building technology, the sky really is the limit. I’m hoping that the experience I bring regarding partnerships and innovative business development can really help take everyone’s vision to the next level.

Seven20 is a global artist management enterprise building a new and equitable music industry through ground-breaking technological innovation. Our ecosystem includes internationally recognised talent, global brand partners and pioneering technologists, all striving towards a greater future.




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