Introducing Steve Blackwell, CEO and Managing Partner of Invito Energy Partners, an alternative investment in energy that can provide great cash flow and tremendous tax deductions

With the goal to create value for investors by generating superior long-term returns and significant tax advantages while continuously focusing on protecting investor capital, Steve Blackwell established Invito Energy Partners, a company that offers out-of-the-market investment solutions tailored to accredited investors. 

Steve Blackwell, CEO and managing partner of Invito Energy Partners, holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Admin, Finance, and Accounting from Central Michigan University. Before establishing his own company, Blackwell had 15 years of energy experience and more than 20 years of executive-level experience. This experience fueled and equipped him to build a top-notch company that provides quality service and results for investors. For Blackwell, what sets Invito Energy Partners apart from its competitors is the structure of their funds from an incentive and fee basis; they limit the up-front fees and align their incentives with the investors, combining this structure with a proven management and technical team. 

Blackwell also served as the President of Petromax Operating; during his tenure, he oversaw the deployment of over $200 million of investors’ capital into three (3) operated fields where they leased over 86,000 net mineral acres and drilled 39 horizontal wells. Moreover, Blackwell also oversaw the divestment process of the assets for just under $900 million with an average rate return of 370%. In his role as Chief Operating Officer at US Energy Development, he oversaw the deployment of over $100 million of investor capital into drilling 29 wells in the company’s Eagle Ford shale asset. During his tenure at the company, Blackwell was able to decrease the cost per well by 25%, increase the average EUR’s by 5%, lower operating expenses, and increase the return of investment.

In the last quarter of 2019, Steve Blackwell started and launched Invito Energy Partners. Unfortunately, the emergence of COVID-19 at the beginning of 2020 affected their operations like any other business, as well as the oil crash in the same year. The company had to halt its operations and spend the entire 2020 on regrouping and preparing for its relaunch the year after. Before the end of 2021, Invito Energy Partners officially launched its first fund. Although faced with delay due to unforeseen circumstances like the pandemic, it did not stop Blackwell from establishing his own company. For him, Invito was born out of a recognition that investors in direct energy investments face two primary hurdles to achieve superior long-term returns: misalignment of incentives between the sponsor and investor; and the over-promotion built into projects.

Since Blackwell has been in the industry for a long time, he was able to personally see and experience certain global events that changed the course of his career, including the collapse of the mortgage industry. When asked how this experience has helped him prepare for any of the new challenges with Invito, Blackwell answered, “There is no preparation for adversity and the ability to persevere other than going through tough times. Watching a 15-year career disappear before your eyes will certainly test your ability to persevere but will also test how much you believe in yourself. Life and business are full of highs and lows; once you accept that, you can enjoy the highs and persevere through the lows while maintaining a healthy view of your value.”

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