Integrity by Design: A New Tool in the Fight Against Fraud

Integrity by Design- A New Tool in the Fight Against Fraud

By: Jay Feldman

In today’s high-pressure world, the number of fraud incidents is escalating sharply as individuals face increasing challenges and demands. Fraud Services emerges as a global leader committed to strengthening organizations against this growing threat. With a foundation built on ‘Integrity by Design,’ Fraud Services offers independent, unbiased, comprehensive assessments designed to alleviate the pressures that can lead to fraud.

Independent Integrity Assessments: The Cornerstone of Trust

“Integrity isn’t just a word; it’s a design principle we uphold,” says Fraud Services Chief Executive and Certified Fraud Examiner Ian Leitch. “A hallmark of what we do is our independent integrity assessments. Unlike traditional audits, these evaluations offer an unbiased lens into an organization’s integrity framework. By examining everything from the ‘tone from the top’ to the efficacy of pivotal controls, we deliver actionable insights that empower our clients to strengthen their operating environment against fraud, waste, abuse and error.”

The Assurance of an Expert Team

“Our team’s impartiality and expertise are our clients’ assurance of quality,” adds Mr. Leitch. Distinguished by its cadre of independent experts, Fraud Services brings together seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds, including CFEs, CAs, CFAs, CISAs, data scientists, former Police Detective Sergeant and PEACE Investigative Interviewing specialists. This team’s expertise offers an added layer of confidence, ensuring rigorous and unbiased integrity assessments. Talking about his team’s expertise, Mr. Leitch commented, “When clients engage with us, they unlock decades of skill and experience that spans across industries and disciplines, all underpinned by the expertise of our three Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs).”

Holistic Organizational Assessments

“Understanding fraud risks requires a 360-degree view,” said Mr. Leitch. Fraud Services delivers in-depth organizational assessments that scrutinize leadership integrity, organizational culture, and control effectiveness. This comprehensive approach enables organizations to identify vulnerabilities and implement tailored remedial strategies.

The Four Pillars of Integrity by Design

Central to Fraud Services’ approach are its four pillars: Strategic Oversight and Governance, Investigative Integrity, Financial Fortification, and Data & Insights. These pillars form the backbone of the firm’s holistic integrity assessments, providing tailored solutions to address each organization’s unique challenges and risks.

Confidence Through Data-Driven Insights

“Our analytical rigor ensures precision and builds stakeholder confidence,” explains Mr. Leitch. By harnessing advanced analytics to identify patterns, trends, and anomalies, Fraud Services offers empirically grounded recommendations, instilling confidence among stakeholders through tangible outcomes.

Empowering Organisations to Lead with Integrity

“We empower organizations to take the helm in their integrity journey,” says Mr. Leitch. Fraud Services is committed to arming its clients with the tools and knowledge to proactively protect their interests. “We offer a range of services to our clients. Ranging from training initiatives and technological integrations to incident response planning, we assess the vulnerabilities of each client and then work alongside them to resolve whatever that particular issue may be.”

The Necessity of Partnership

In today’s challenging business environment, partnering with Fraud Services is not just an option; it can be a necessity for companies aiming to stay ahead of the curve and protect themselves from the increasing threat of fraud, waste, abuse, and error. The global fraud epidemic shows no signs of abating, and as businesses continue to grapple with these threats, the specialized expertise and cutting-edge solutions offered by Fraud Services will be indispensable in the fight to protect assets and reputations.

As businesses worldwide face an unprecedented threat from fraud, the role of specialized firms like Fraud Services has never been more critical. With a team of experts, Mr. Leitch, and a comprehensive suite of services, Fraud Services stands as a viable option when searching for a highly skilled and specialist partner in the ongoing battle against fraud.

Published by: Nelly Chavez


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